DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Rustam’s Revenge In Suicide Squad #10, A Justice League Vs Suicide Squad Epilogue, & Amanda Waller’s Sacrifices?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Suicide Squad #10, a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad epilogue.

Suicide Squad begins with Rustam, a founding Suicide Squad member and former villainous acolyte of Maxwell Lord, threatening Amanda Waller.

It appears that he’s after a nuclear warhead!

The forces Amanda Waller to collect her daughter as a preventative measure to protect her.

It was the Suicide Squad dressed as soldiers that picked her up.

Amanda Waller has been away from her family for two years! Now that is dedication to your work.

They’re all holed up at a dilapidated mansion.

We also learn that Waller visits the graves of her dead husband, son and daughter weekly.

Rustam contacts Amanda Waller via iPad! He says his revenge was for her daughter to see her as she is.

Her daughter hates her and Amanda Waller wonders why if she was able to protect her from Rustam why…

…winning felt like losing.


A great epilogue for the JL vs SS event mini. Loved seeing Rustam and hopes he forms a new Jihad in the DC Rebirth era. That was his team in the 1980’s.

Was nice to learn more about Amanda Waller and the family sacrifices she has made for her Task Force X mission.

Overall, a solid issue on story with the art was ok and served the type of story this was. 7.5 out of 10.

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