Impact Wrestling 2/2/17 Recap – Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Title

The case holders are shown holding the cases to start off Open Fight Night. Josh recaps the iron man match with an excitement level on par with ordering a stack of pancakes. The Hardys come out while Matt talks about the Night of Open Fights. Lashley comes out and says they’re just trying to take the title off him. Their match starts off with some fine action, including a twist of fate stunner on the floor. Lashley dominates with submissions, but Jeff rebounds with a slightly-blocked Twist of Fate mid-ring. Swanton gets 2.5 and a second leads to Lashley reaching the rope. They fight on the floor and Jeff hits poetry in motion on the railing. An inside-out flip dive misses and Jeff goes splat. Spear hits and Lashley retains.

Eddie comes out in jeans, a black jacket, and grey sportscoat. He calls Lashley bitchboy Bobby and wants his rematch. Lashley will give him one if he jumps through hoops. Tyrus talks about Eli’s case before we see Facebook video of Rosemary inviting Brandi into Decay last week before Rosemary asks again earlier today. If they were just going to do this one angle serving the same purpose, why shoot the angle twice?

We get A Day in the Life of Aron Rex, with Spud driving him around in… a golf cart. Somehow, this Liberace gimmick loses its luster with a golf cart instead of a limo. Spud gives him a red and white carpet and they go into the building. Riveting. Aron Rex must not have very productive days. Sienna comes down to face Brooke. Brooke hits the corner facejam for 2. Maria goads Brooke into the ring, where she eats a lariat for 2. Maria runs around in her thong before giving Brooke a wedgie on the floor and throwing her back in the ring. Brooke gets an STO backbreaker before doing a weird flipping…non-grapevining Muta lock. Brooke turns it into a neckbreaker, but Maria tosses her off the top and Sienna hits the pounce to win. DCC will announce their fate next.

More with Rex at the makeup chair. DCC calls out Decay and we get a falls count anywhere walk and brawl around the building. Steve dives on the pile after Abyss gets hit with a trash can. Kingston gets mist in the eyes and chokeslammed into tacks for 2. Poor guy had his top pulled down too. Eight second ride to Steve leads to Bram hitting Abyss with a bottle and a Storm superkick sending him into a barb wire board. Bram piledrives Steve through a table bridge between the barricade and the apron to win.

Maria and Mike chat with Braxton, who is ordered to propose to LVN. Drew comes out and brags before Moose says that the ball shots just earned him an ass-kicking. Drew won’t face him, but will face…THIS GUY. Denver’s own Rob Ryzin, who gets squashed. Drew chats with an interview guy and tells him to follow the product because he’s going to make the title mean more than the World Title – and Moose already got his rematch. He’ll defend this title anywhere in any company he’s in. Trevor Lee comes down to face DJZ in a ladder match. Lee makes use of Z’s hurt knee to get an edge. DDZ off the ladder hits. Lee traps DJZ’s knee under a chair under the ladder and Lee regains the gold.

Tyrus says that Eli will have the GREATEST SURPRISE CHALLENGE MATCH IN WRESTLING HISTORY. More with Spud and Rex. Spud sings his name and it is apparently now spelled as ‘Aron Rexx”. Or they had the same guy who made the “Lashly” table during the Dixie Carter feud with Bully Ray make this sign. Robbie is insulted by this idiocy. Eli comes out and gets a match with EC3. They have a nothing match and EC3 wins with a jackknife cradle. DCC comes down and attacks everyone before EC3 eats a spike piledriver on a chair.

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