Sports, An Antidote to Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem affecting many people in different societies. Recent studies show that anxiety cases have risen in the recent years with increasing cases being reported among children. These cases are often associated with a feeling of not wanting to be judged or mocked by other people. It is a destructive feeling because it can hinder children as well as adults from achieving their full potential. It makes people pull away and live in isolation.


What people normally do when they discover they suffer from anxiety is seek medical help or buy medicine to help cure it. While seeking medication for anxiety is good, it is imperative to learn how to control anxiety naturally. There is a free and natural way to beat anxiety that can also leave you healthier than you were before. This natural method is engaging in sports.


Some Causes of anxiety


Increased stress hormones: When such hormones flow in your blood, anxiety kicks in. You feel stressed out and sometimes even scared.


Unused body energy: When you remain inactive, you retain unnecessary energy. This physical tension builds up and later causes a mental stress. This has been proven to be the main reason for stress in humans as well as other animals.


An unbalanced immune system can also be a cause of anxiety. The imbalance facilitates anxiety by giving it a “good working condition”. This is because your body is not able to balance your hormones well if the immune system is not balanced.


How sports and exercise can beat anxiety


We mentioned earlier that inactivity can lead to anxiety. When you engage in sports like basketball, football or whatever sport you choose, you keep your body in motion. If your cause of anxiety was inactivity, you are guaranteed to overcome it. While you play and exercise, your body avoids inactivity. Your heart rate is elevated therefore anxiety cannot live in those conditions.


Sports improve quality of sleep


If you have ever participated in a sport, then you know how it feels at the end. The body feels tired, and you just want to rest. People who suffer from anxiety usually have problems sleeping. This is a good way to aid in this situation. Sleep helps manage anxiety.


Exercising in sports Releases “Relaxation” Neurotransmitters.  The brain is filled with endorphins whenever you play a sport. This chemical is the body’s natural painkiller. Endorphins also help to improve your moods and relax your mind. This is beneficial for anyone with anxiety.


Sports keep your body healthy


Engaging in sports and exercise help you burn excess energy. It also elevates your heart rate which is good for your heart. You may be having anxiety because you do not exercise regularly. When your body is active, even the immune system is boosted. Your hormones will also be balanced quickly as well.


What sports to engage in?


There are many sports you can use to beat anxiety. Any sport that gets your heart beating faster is good for you. This may include basketball, football, jogging, martial arts, and soccer among others. As long as you keep your body active, it will be beneficial to you.


This is why it is good to promote sports in our society. As a result, it is imperative to have more social events and platforms such as betting sites that support sports by helping people to take an interest in professional sports.


When you engage in a sport, you get to work with other people as a team. People with anxiety find it hard to interact with other people. However, by joining a team, you will receive moral, spiritual, and mental support. Working with other people will get your mind off the things that bring your anxiety.


Sports coaches and managers are known to give morale to their players implying that joining a sport will keep you motivated. Finally, as you participate in a sport, you are not only overcoming your anxiety but also keeping your body healthy.

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