Boom & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Planet Of The Apes / Green Lantern #1 Reveals New Universal Ring Threat & Who’s After It!

As we’ve learned already, the weapon the apes of Planet of the Apes and the various emotional spectrum lanterns are after in Boom Studios’ and DC Comics’ Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern cross-over is the new Universal Ring; making it 11 power rings in DC Rebirth lore as a result.

We also know that the Universal Ring has a corrosive side-effects for the user despite seeming to have similarities to the recently introduced DC Comics Rebirth’s Phantom Ring.

With that, before I get into the meat of this issue, lets just marvel at how beautiful the variant covers by Alex Ross are for the first three issues of this mini-series cross-over.


Ok, now, onto Boom and DC Comics’ Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #1!

Boom Studios and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Plant Of The Apes / Green Lantern #1.

The book opens with a hooded figure bringing members if the various emotional spectrum corps to their knees.

As a result of this battle, it appears, that something travels from there and crashes into the world of the Planet of the Apes.

Cornelius, our lead ape, asks a human where Taylor is and she instead points him to the artifact that fell from the sky.

Cornelius travels into the crater and finds it – the Universal Ring – and seems to be overcome by the orange glow of Avarice.

He takes it back to to study and it turns red… Rage perhaps?

It is revealed that the hooded figure at the beginning of the issue that felled members of the various corps is an unusually snickering (“he he”) Sinestro.

He seems to siphoned the emotional spectrum for some unknown purpose related to his quest for the Universal Ring.

The Universal goes from red Rage to orange Avarice and causes Cornelouis pain as he puts the ring on. Perhaps that is the corrosive part of the Universal Ring’s use?

However, as he puts it on, he waves his hand to teh sjy and teh ring seems to siphon energy from both Sinestro’s yellow ring of Fear and Green Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern ring of will…

…also sending them both de-powered to the Planet of the Apes.

Cornelius seems to be in yellow Fear mode not sure what has happened to him.

He is then surprised by a group on haunting stoic figures.

The communicate with Cornelius telepathically and tell them they are god’s people; they also tell Cornelius they know the power is not for him pointing to the Universal Ring.

In response Cornelious again pivots between orange Avarice and red Rage…

….seeming killing these godly being out of rage intended to allow him to keep the Universal Ring!


I’m not too familiar with the Planet of the Apes lore. I found the book nonetheless very accessible and liked how the Universal Ring was created and weaved into both Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes lore. An action-packed opening issue with solid art. Very entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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