PREVIEWS 04/17 – Featuring DC’s Rebirth, Marvel’s Nick Fury, Plus Dark Horse, Image & Valiant!

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Phil Allen:


Between Batman & The Flash #21-22, we may finally get to learn how the Watchmen’s button got in the Batcave back in Rebirth #1! Superman & Action Comics continue to be great, now we’re getting a tie-in crossover in New Super-Man. While All-Star Batman is getting better, I’m still not entirely sold. Green Arrow #21 starts a new arc, as does Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns #18. The new Justice League of America from Steve Orlando looks interesting, mostly for the line-up (i.e. Lobo?!) The Main Man takes the lead in issue #5. A big highlight for me is Batman/The Shadow! DC’s had a pretty good run of publisher crossovers lately (see Green Lantern/Star Trek & Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy) so this should be pretty great.


I’ve been on the fence lately about starting any new Marvel series, given that they tend to end/get rebooted before a dozen issues. With that in mind, James Robinson’s upcoming Nick Fury might end up on my list. And it goes without saying, I’m in for all Star Wars.


From the description, I’m not exactly sure what Black Cloud is about, but I’ll give it a shot. Though it returns in March, I’m glad to see Copperhead is back! Of course I’ll be getting Lazarus Sourcebook: Hock, as well as Saga Book Two. Kyle Starks has a new book coming out, Rock Candy Mountain; I thought Sexcastle was great so I’m looking forward to this.

Dark Horse:

The big one this month is Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, the official continuation of the hit show! Seemingly in the same format as the other Avatar comics, these will come out in smaller trades.

James Fulton:

Dark Horse:

While I’m happy to see Geoff Darrow returning to the Shaolin Cowboy, I’m more excited about James Stokoe making an Aliens miniseries. This should look amazing!


I hate crossovers when I don’t read some of the books involved, and I also don’t want to deal with this whole Watchmen thing at all. That said, I can’t decide if I want the Batman issues of ‘The Button’ or not. I’m not going to preorder them, but might pick them up off the stands. The regular covers, not the 3D ones. I hate that crap too.


Marvel’s decision to cut out their digital codes has effectively risen the price of their books by a dollar for me, since I was using the codes to subsidize the higher price of the comics. As such, I’m in the process of cutting my Marvel list down to levels not seen since the late 90s.

That said, I’m always going to support a Crew comic by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Butch Guice. At first I thought it a shame that the original cast of this comic wasn’t being reflected, but then this month’s issue of World of Wakanda was given to Kaspar Cole. It’s a good time to be a Black Panther fan.

At the same time, neither X-Men Blue or Gold are interesting me, at least not with double-shipping and $4 price tags. I would be down for Weapon X, but not with Greg Land drawing it.

Royals might be interesting, with Al Ewing writing, but I don’t think Jonboy Meyers is the right artist for it. Pass.

Nick Fury by ACO? Too bad it’s the wrong Nick Fury, and that James Robinson is not the writer he used to be. Pass.

Gallery Books:

I don’t know where Jeff Lemire finds the time these days. Roughneck, his new OGN looks interesting, and looks like it hearkens back to some of the themes from his Essex County work.


Fred Van Lente and Cary Nord are bring Gilad, Armstrong, and Ivar together for Immortal Brothers: The Tale of the Green Knight. This should be a great one-shot – Van Lente does such a great job with these characters.

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