WWE Raw 2/6/17 Recap – Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns

Mick and Steph talk about Joe. Mick says he’s a fan, but doesn’t like how he got to WWE. We get a recap of Seth’s run with HHH before Joe’s attack is shown and he comes down with Steph and Mick mid-ring. Joe says it took 18 years for him to stand in the ring with WWE before signing his contract. THE BIG DOG comes down and Mick makes Joe vs. Roman tonight. Bayley faces Nia, who largely ragdolls her. Nia misses a charge and Bayley almost won by countout, but a Charlotte distraction lets Nia get back in and win with a Samoan drop. Braun squashes four jobbers in a single match and complains to Mick about wanting more competition. They just did this exact storyline two months ago. Mick gives Braun Roman Reigns to give him some competition at Fastlane.

WWE celebrates Black History Month and Tozawa debuts by squashing Drew Gulak and nails a sick shining wizard and winning with the snap German suplex. JeriKO come down and boast for a bit. Jericho hypes up himself against KO friend vs. friend, champion vs. champion at WrestleMania to be the REAL main event of Mania. Goldberg comes down and makes Goldberg vs. Brock at WrestleMania before KO gets cocky, and Goldberg says that since KO is available for Fastlane, he wants a shot at the title. Jericho says you just can’t make your own matches – YOU’LL WIND UP ON THE LIST… that Goldberg grabs, so Jericho makes KO vs. Goldberg for the title. JeriKO bicker backstage.

The Club faces Cesaro and Sheamus once again. They have a pretty nothing match outside of Enzo and Cass being on the floor, and when Enzo gets kicked, Cass kicks Luke to lead to a DQ win for the champs. Great – a finish that helps no one! Black History Month video and New Day beats the Shining Stars with the Midnight Hour. Rock N Roll Express Hall of Fame video airs, featuring the double dropkick and the rarely-seen Gibson Leglock that Robert’s brother Ricky invented. Jericho has a solid back and forth match with Sami, leading to a Codebreaker and a win for Jericho – furthering the idea that KO is on Jericho’s side, at least for now.

TJP, Cedric, and Gallagher face Neville, Dar, and Nese. They go through Swann’s injury and Neville leaves his partners high and dry before a lumbar check gives Cedric the win. Jericho tells KO that they need to show how unbreakable their bond is – they need a festival! OF FRIENDSHIP! Elimination Chamber PPV is hyped up…here on Raw, for the SD-only show, during the “battle for brand supremacy”. Roman comes down and Joe attacks him from behind. This gives Joe a bit of an edge, but Roman recovers and they go into a striking battle.

They battle to the floor where Roman hits the drive by out of nowhere while Cole asks HOW DOES ROMAN RECOVER. He has incredible reserves, apparently. The Superman punch hits, but Braun’s music hits – but since he’s not HHH, he has to come down too. He stands on the apron and eats a pair of punches, including a Superman punch, leading to Joe hitting a uranage to win. Well, that’s a far safer finisher than the muscle buster or the choke – and he delivers it well. Braun kicks Roman’s ass around ringside to close out Raw.

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