DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Batman’s Justice League Of America Rebirth #1 Teases 4 Big Events & Establishes JLA, Mission & HQ!

Stemming from the conclusion of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad mini-series (spoilers here), and four JLA Rebirth one-shot one shots spotlighting four team members (the Atom (spoilers here), the Ray (spoilers here), Vixen (spoilers here) and Killer Frost (spoilers here) comes Batman’s newest team – of mortals not gods this time in – Justice League of America Rebirth #!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review: follow for Batman’s Justice League Of America Rebirth #1!

This DC Rebirth one-shot, like the others, sets up the team’s new status quo. This is a recruitment drive for the most part.

Killer Frost and Batman recruit Black Canary who must be one of the most popular heroines in DC Comics as she’ll now be a regular in three ongoing series: Justice League of America, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey plus Green Arrow.

Black Canary recruits Lobo on her own; she is position as someone who can take him down despite the power imbalance. However, this scene is a bit confusing since at the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad it appears that Batman recruited both Killer Frost and Lobo. However, Lobo probably went on a bender and needed reminding of the JLA.

Batman and Lobo go to recruit Ray Palmer who is missing and fine the new Atom in Palmer’s university assistant Raymond Choi. Batman wants Palmer and Choi, bit Lobo “convince” Batman to take the kid.

The Atom recruits the Ray and it looks like the Atom still needs a costume… clearly.

Lastly, Batman recruits Vixen.

The new JLA assembles at a dilapidated on old place that looks like the old JLA base at Mount Justice.

Here’s is how that JLA base used to look in its classic days via its Who’s Who or Secret Origins entry.

The Batman tells his new Justice League of America team of mortals – in contracts to the Justice League’s super-powered gods – that they all belong and have a roll to play in what is coming.

We get a great team shot followed by…

…four key scenes teases about what is to come in the next year of the new Justice League of America ongoing comic book series.

We also know that the team has an initial multiverse threat on the horizon too (spoilers here) from Earth 8.


An entertaining issues with solid plot and dialogue with gorgeous art from the whole team from penciller to colorist et al. A satisfying start to the JLA Rebirth era with a role explained for each team member. The tease of things to come was a nice capstone too. 9 out of 10.

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