DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Earth 2 Society #21 Penultimate End As JSA / Justice Society Rebirth Looms!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Review for Earth 2 Society #21 follow.

We know that on the Prime Earth a rebirth of the Justice Society of America / Justice Society / JSA is in the works from DC Universe Rebirth #1…

…but, we also know that DC Comics a vibrant multiverse including Earth 2 and an ongoing series featuring its meta-human heroes a.k.a. “Wonders”.

Earth 2 Society #21 marks the penultimate issue of this series.

The Ultra-Humanite has created a new reality for Earth 2 and despite not wanting Wonders on it, members of Earth 2’s society of heroes have survived including Power Girl (Supergirl), Huntress (Helena Wayne), Batman (Dick Grayson), Superman (Val-Zod), Red Tornado (Lois Lane) and others.

As a result, the Ultra-Humanite has launched his secret weapon against them; the mind-controlled Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

That leads to some interesting confrontations like Green Lantern vs. Superman.

GL fells Supes.

We also learn that the Ultra-Humanite must have super-human concentration to continue to mind control Green Lantern Alan Scott….

…cue the raid on his compound by Batman, this new reality’s Steel and others.

Note above that the Ultra-Humanite is wearing armor reminiscent of Lex Luthor’s classic green armor.

Due to Alan Scott being the Ultra-Humanite’s mental captive, we also have another interesting confrontation now between Green Lantern and Power Girl (Supergirl).

At the same time, Ultra-Humanite easily dispatches Dick Grayson’s son easily as well as the Huntress…

…while Green Lantern appears to get the upper hand on his second Kryptonian of the day.

Ultra-Humanite is no longer playing games and seemingly kills another Earth 2 Batman (Dick Grayson)!

The distraction of a battle with Ultra-Humanite caused him to lose control of the Green Lantern who takes him down…

…while the team grips with the outcome of the battle and Batman’s seeming sacrifice.

And, here is the cover to next month’s final issue with Earth 2 Society #22.


An action-packed issue with solid story, but – sad to say – art that doesn’t match the blockbuster nature of the story. If the story had been a match my rating would have been higher. I have to give this book a 6 out of 10. Story alone would have been a 8.5; the art just does not do justice to the story crafted by Dan Abnett.

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