Marvel Now 2017 & IVX Spoilers & Review: Inhumans Vs. X-Men #4 Sees Tables Turned On The Path To RessurXion?

Marvel Now 2017 and IVX Spoilers and Review follow for Inhumans Vs. X-Men #4.

The book opens with the usual Marvel summary pages and…

…dramatis personae?

Now that you’re all caught up… the Inhumans trapped in Limbo by the X-Men decide its time to escape and realize sound may be the key to breaking out of their prison.

And sound they bring on Inhumans style!

At same time, Inhumans Mosaic – who can take over bodies – has infiltrated Muir Island hoping to avoid any blonde X-Men who he believes have mental powers and could detect him.

He’s looking for the “old guy” with the helmet to inhabit. And, inhabit Magneto he does presumably because he wasn’t wearing his helmet.

Magneto knows he’s been taken over and is fighting it. We also get the most bizarre and funny scene involving Magento – controlled by Mosaic – in this issue.

Magneto eventually expels Mosaic.

Apparently there is something called X-Haven in Limbo where we learn from Colossus (a fave of mine) that Medusa and the Inhumans have escaped their Limbo prison due to their ditty.

A fire wall is created on the Inhumans flank, but…

…Colossus busts through and is ready for action. This is the best page so far in IVX IMHO.

In New Jersey, Ms. Marvel’s Inhumans team is trying top figure out what to do with their captive and unconscious X-Man Forge.

The X-Men’s blackbird lands and fellow Champion Cyclops greets Ms. Marvel, but its really Mosaic who stole Cyclops who knew how to fly the x-plane.

The Inhumans want to take a hard line on the X-Men…

…leading into IVX #5.

Here’s your INX checklist so far. Not much left.


A lot story, jumping between scenes, but good development and characterization. Solid art too. Now that Mosaic knows that Cyclops didn’t have the call to action against the Inhumans because he was dead, I wonder how that nugget of intel will affect the end of this series? I give IVX #4 an 8 out of 10.

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