Pull List Roundtable 2/8/2017 – Action Comics #973, Divinity III: Shadowman, Justice League / Power Rangers #2, Black History in its Own Words & More

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Mike Maillaro

Quite a few comics I am buying this week, though not a lot of big exciting books to talk about.

  • DIVINITY III: SHADOWMAN AND THE BATTLE FOR NEW STALINGRAD – I can’t say this enough. I MISS SHADOWMAN! I’ve been enjoying DIVINITY III quite a bit, but this is definitely the tie-in I’ve been most excited for. Hoping it will lead to a more full time return for my favorite Valiant character.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA REBIRTH #1 – I’ve always been a fan of the big super teams. Justice League has been in a bit of a lull for me, since I find Bryan Hitch’s writing to be a little dull. So, I have been looking forward to this new JLA series spinning out of JUSTICE LEAGUE VS SUICIDE SQUAD for a while now. The one-shot lead ins have been a lot of fun, and can’t wait to see this team all together.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS #2 – The first issue of this crossover was just a lot of fun. To me, comics should always be fun, and I loved being able to sit with my son and read this to him. Thank you, DC for giving us this wonderful treat.
  • SPAWN #270 – The new direction of SPAWN has been great. It feels like an entirely new series. Amazing that Spawn can keep recreating itself so well after 270 issues. I have been a reader for a while, and SPAWN never disappoints.
  • RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #7 – Wasn’t expecting to enjoy this series as much as I have. If you would have told me Red Hood, Bizarro, and Artemis could headline one of my favorite titles, I would have said that you were crazy.
  • ROM ANNUAL 2017 – Just got caught up on the Revolution titles. Some of the books are a bit hit or miss, but ROM has been real solid all the way through. I will definitely be a customer on this one.
  • TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #16 – They have really changed this book to feature the fact that you have an Asian-American main character. I love diversity, but the last few issues have been a little heavy handed at times. 15 was definitely better than the Jeremy Lin storyline, but I really hope this book gets back to basics soon enough. I want to read comics, not public service announcements.
  • Alters #4
  • Black #4
  • Action Comics #973
  • Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #7
  • Detective Comics #950
  • Flash #16
  • Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #14
  • New Super-Man #8
  • Scooby Apocalypse #10
  • Suicide Squad #11
  • Supergirl #6
  • Titans #8
  • Wonder Woman #16
  • Duck Avenger #3
  • Mickey Mouse #17
  • Savage Dragon #220
  • All-New Wolverine #17
  • Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #4
  • Black Widow #11
  • Dark Tower The Drawing Of The Three The Sailor #5 (Of 5)
  • Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #5
  • Inhumans Vs X-Men #4 (Of 6)
  • Jessica Jones #5
  • Ms. Marvel #15
  • Power Man And Iron Fist #13
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #4
  • Uncanny Inhumans #1.MU
  • Unworthy Thor #4 (Of 5)
  • Ninjak #24

John Babos

10 new books this week.

  • Action Comics #973
  • Deathstroke #12
  • Detective Comics #950
  • Earth 2 Society #21
  • Justice League of America Rebirth #1
  • Ninjak #24
  • Red Hood & The Outlaws #7
  • Suicide Squad #11
  • Superwoman #7
  • Titans #8

James Fulton

  • Detective Comics #950 – I really like what James Tynion IV has been doing with this title, and think it’s cool that DC has returned to the series’s proper numbering in time for this milestone number.
  • Justice League of America Rebirth #1 – Like Mike, I also enjoy big team books, especially when they aren’t filled to the brim with A-List characters. This is an exciting lineup, and I like Steve Orlando’s writing, so I have high hopes for this.
  • Motor Crush #3 – This new title, by the team that brought about the Batgirl of Burnside, has been excellent.
  • Namesake #4 – While talking about Steve Orlando, it’s worth pointing out that his latest series at Boom!, Namesake, comes to its close this month. This has been a cool title about a man who has fathers in two different worlds (one a magical kingdom that only becomes connected to the Earth every seven years).

Phil Allen

A pretty DC heavy week for me.

  • Action Comics #973 – I’ve been enjoying Action and the various Super-books much more in Rebirth than in New 52. This new arc leads to the next big Super-crossover.Looks like we finally get to learn about our mysterious Clark Kent.
  • All-Star Batman #7 – I’m mostly looking forward to this one for Tula Lotay on art.
  • Black History in its Own Words – I just finished March and I’m in need of history book. Also perfect for Black History Month.
  • Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3 – I hope this isn’t the end of Deadman for too long, I’ve really enjoyed this series.
  • Detective Comics #950 – James Tynion has been doing great work on D.C. lately, this has been another highlight for me.
  • Justice League of America #1 – New team, including Lobo?! I missed out on JL vs Suicide Squad, but I’m in on this one.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • East of West #31
  • Gotham Academy: Second Semester #6
  • James Bond: Felix Leiter #2
  • Justice League/Power Rangers #2
  • Moonshine #5
  • Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #4
  • The Wicked + The Divine #26


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