What To Look Forward To – 02/08 – Featuring John Carter: The End #1, Steven Universe #1, Kingpin #1, Death Be Damned #1, Torchwood 2 #1 & More!

Welcome to What To Look Forward To!

Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. The new year rolls along with new issues as well as a few new TPBs and HCs to check out. There’s a new segment at the bottom of the page, so without further ado let’s dive in…

New This Week:

Black History In Its Own Words OGN – A collection of quotes throughout black history, with illustrations by Ronald Wimberly. Among some of the people featured are Angela Davis, Dave Chappelle, Spike Lee, and many more. Just in time for Black History Month. If you are looking for more like this, I highly recommend March by Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 – Batman has assembled a new team, including Black Canary, Vixen, The Atom, and Lobo! According to early solicits, this is already looking to be a cool book, with the second arc focusing on The main Man, so don’t miss out on it.

Steven Universe #1 – Steven is back in his new ongoing series, featuring all your favorite S.U. characters!

Kingpin #1 – Daredevil’s arch-nemesis and one of Marvel’s most ruthless villains gets his own ongoing series!

John Carter: The End #1 – It’s been a long time since anyone has seen John Carter and Dejah Thoris, but now they’re needed to help restore Mars. From Brian Wood, this is one that Carter fans won’t want to miss.

Other issues to look forward to:

Action Comics #973 – New arc, leading to the “Superman: Reborn” crossover event!

Black Widow #11

Death Be Damned #1

Detective Comics #950 – Oversized milestone issue featuring Cassandra Cain! Also, a prelude to the upcoming “League of Assassins” arc.

ROM Annual 2017

Torchwood 2 #1

The Wicked + The Divine #26 – “Imperial Phase” continues!

Wonder Woman #16 – New arc, “Godwatch”!

Collected Editions and OGNs:

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 01 Sinestro’s Law TPB

Justice League: Gods and Monsters TPB – This collects the 3-issue mini-series and the three one-shots.

Robin War TPB

Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles TPB

Revolution TPB

Fuse Vol. 04 Constant Orbital Revolutions TPB

Start Here!

Welcome to the new segment! This section is for readers new to comics as well as readers on a budget, highlighting several great “jump-on” points each week under $20.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1$2.99 – Batman’s new team!

Action Comics #973 – $2.99

Black Widow #11 – $3.99

Detective Comics #950 – $3.99 – An extra dollar than normal, but it’s oversized and a milestone issue.

Kingpin #1 – $3.99

TOTAL = $17.95

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That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.