DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Reveals Nixed Green Lantern Villain / Anti-Hero Predator Plans!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers from a bygone era…

…although I do hope DC Comics has plans for the Predator beyond what he/it has become in the New 52 / DC Rebirth era.

DC Comics Co-Publisher recently posted on social media that after the debut of the Predator in the pages of Green Lantern in the 1980’s, on-panel fully in Green Lantern #178…

…DC Comics had planned for a new ongoing series around the Green Lantern villain / anti-hero. In fact a whole debut issue was penciled, but canned. DiDio released page of one of Predator #1 online.

In that Green Lantern run it was revealed that the Predator was just another aspect of Carol Ferris similar to her other persona of the Star Sapphire.

In the DC Comics Rebirth era, the Predator is the love entity that fuels the Star Sapphires…

…a la Parallax who ha sa similar role with the Sinestro Corps and Ion for The Green Lantern Corps.

Any classic Predator fans out there?

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