TNA Impact Wrestling 2/9/17 – Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards For The World Title

The Broken Hardys bring Maxel in while Matt says that Maxel must only consume protein. Jeff vs. Lashley is hyped up, while Trevor Lee’s title win is shown and we see the DCC’s attack on everyone to close last week’s show. The DCC comes down while Storm rants about Kingston being told that he wasn’t good enough – but everyone’s good enough in the DCC. Storm cuts a nice, intense promo while Kingston makes wacky faces. Tyrus and Eli come down and Tyrus insults Kingston, so a brawl breaks out and then finally, a handicap tag match. All of this for a Tyrus and Eli vs. DCC tag match.

Eli engages in perfectly-acceptable combat with Storm and Bram mid-ring before trapping Bram in the corner with Tyrus. Storm goes for the superkick, misses by a mile, but Eli kinda sells it and tags Tyrus in. Eli leaves, Tyrus runs wild, but the last call ends it. We get a recap of the first Lashley vs. Edwards match from July to hype up their match tonight. Brandi’s cleavage is interviewed. She says she’s new and wants to set an example and calls out Rosemary. Maria orders Allie to get her coffee and then Braxton tells Maria that she can’t for him to like LVN.

Brandi demands that Rosemary come down, so she does. Decay comes down and intimidates her before Moose comes down to save Brandi. Okay then. Aron Rex says that violence isn’t the answer, but tonight he will make an exception. This gimmick just doesn’t work. Recap of Brandi and Rosemary. Moose says he’ll team with Brandi against Decay. Spud sings Rex’s name as he prances to the ring. Rex does a complete Liberace impression vocally and they get a very mild set of boos.

Robbie E comes down to a new, very generic rock song that doesn’t fit anything he’s done in the past. Rex plays a complete chickenshit heel for eons before going for an elaborate kneedrop, missing, and selling like a goofball. Spud gets dragged in, distracting the ref so Rex can use the rings and KO Robbie with a punch. Reby and her absurdly high amount of makeup talk to Jeff about risk. Eddie’s World Title win from October is recapped.

Braxton meets with Mike Bennett about how things are moving too quickly. Reby plays the Hardys to the ring while Matt unveils Vanguard One. They lay hands on it and are teleported out of the building into Mexico. Shera comes down to face Drew for the Grand Championship. They have a basic back and forth match. Drew hits a boot to start round 2. The Claymore leads to the Future Shock and the win. LVN barks orders before telling Braxton that they should go shopping. He gets on his knee to pick up something and LVN accepts his makeshift proposal. Okay then.

The Helms Dynasty comes down and Helms says a man can admit his mistakes – and the weak link in the Dynasty is Everett. Everett says that the problem could be an old man living off his former glory. Lee and GS Helms attack him. Recap of the iron man match between Lashley and Edwards. The Hardys explore Mexico and a streetful of people do the Delete bit. We see the Hardys face the Mexicools in Crash in clips, but will see the whole match next week. Eddie comes down to face Lashley and Eddie hits a dive. Lashley blows a kiss to Alicia, Eddie’s wife – who is sitting next to Angelina Love. Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2 Knee party hits, but Davey interrupts the pin and tells Eddie it’s not about him. Angelina decks Alicia before Davey hits Eddie with the title and Lashley spears him to retain. Angelina and Davey choke Eddie and Alicia out with belts – which is a pretty dark visual and memorable. This was all quite effective.

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