Marvel Now 2017 & The Clone Conspiracy #5 Spoilers & Review: Amazing Spider-Man’s Dead No More Ends In Life Or Death… Again?

Marvel Now 2017 and Amazing Spider-Man’s Dead No More Spoilers and Review follow for The Clone Conspiracy #5.

The issue opens where the last issue ends with the clones decaying due the sonic signal sent last issue.

However, Spider-Man has a plan. An inverse sonic wave can be sent to stabilize these as-close-to-human-as-possible-clones-with-human-memories.

They’ll have to send it using Parker Industries tech to all mobile and electronic devices whether they’re on or not – as Parker tech can just turn them on – to save the clones.

And then he does it. A few ear aches, but they’re alive!

Doctor Octopus and Ben Reilly as the Jackal battle over the events of last issue yet…

…despite “winning” the victory seems hollow for Spider-Man who lost the clone of Gwen Stacey who died a heroine.

Plus Ben Reilly and Doc Ock or missing and presumed dissolved.

Team Spidey reconvene. It appears the Jean DeWolff and Hobie Brown / The Prowler clones dissolved / perished…

…yet it seems “a” Hobie Brown, and others, are “alive” (?).

I’m not sure I follow. Was Hobie Brown ever dead or is this a clone of Hobie Brown and by extension the others?

Anyhow, we also get a tease of the Omega #1 one-shot that caps off the Clone Conspiracy event.

A reminder too that “a” Ben Reilly is alive after the Clone Conspiracy and he will headline a new Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider series for Marvel Now 2017 (more on that here).

Plus, Peter Parker gets a new series as well with Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (more on that here).


The end of the Clone Conspiracy was the same as the rest of this series. Pretty convoluted and confusing clone science, lots of entertaining action, really solid characterization and amazing art. I was entertained. 7 out of 10.

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