DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League #15 Reveals De-Aged Teen Legion of Super-Heroes (LOSH) & What Replaced Green Lanterns?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Justice League #15 follow.

A new arc has begun for the Justice League focusing a threat to the timeline.

As part of the opening issue of the arc, members of the Justice League are thrown into various times in the timeline including the 31st Century with the Legion of Super-Heroes (LOSH)!

It looks like Brainiac 5 has been de-aged from a twenty-something to a teenager again as part of DC Rebirth. The last time we saw Brainiac 5 he looked older and like this.

I wasn’t clear on when these next two pages took place, but I think they were also in the 31st Century. Eagle-eyed readers have reminded me that the next two pages took/take place in the 26th Century not the 31st LOSH era. And it looks like the Green Lantern Corps are now the…

…Earth Corps.

Not sure about this Earth Corps, but in the 31st century there was/is a Legion of Super-heroes anti-alien xenophobe named Kirt Niedrigh, aka Earth-Man, who did wield both a LOSH flight ring and Green Lantern ring in the past.

He tried the power of Green Lantern ring…

…yet realized it wasn’t for him.

That storyline is collected in trade paperback.

So, are Brainiac 5 and earth-Man to be seen as part of Legion of Super-Heroes Rebirth?

Will see more of the LOSH in this Timeless Justice League arc in parallel to what we will see concerning the Legion of Super-heroes in upcoming pages of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and in upcoming Batgirl / Supergirl issues?

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