DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Justice League Of America #1 Has The First Multiversity Mission Of Batman’s JLA & It’s A Fatal Failure?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Justice League Of America #1 follow.

Lord Havok and his Extremists of Earth 8 have attacked Earth! They’re here to save us!

Here’s the Earth 8 Who’s Who biography from the Multiversity Guidebook.

They’re here to “save” our Earth, but we also learn that multiversal membrane separating the various multiverse Earths has been weakened allowing them to travel to Earth 0.

Batman assembled the JLA to tackle this threat after his Troubalert rang (you may remember the Troubalert from the 1970s/1980s Superfriends cartoon).

Aparanetly Lord Havok left their Earth, called Angor, because they destroyed it trying to be over-protective.

Enter the Batman and the Justice League of America!

A battle ensues.

Ryan Choi, the new Atom, attempts to get between the cracks of Lord Havok’s armor, but is captured and about to be killed when…

…offers himself up in a trade.


A pretty entertaining story by Steve Orlando with interesting easter eggs, like the Troubalert, as well as more Multiversity with Lord Havok’s team. However, the Batman swap at the end seems likes its been done before, but I’m intrigued what the Batman twist to this old story chestnut will be. Excellent, vibrant pencils by Ivan Reis with the art of the book from inking to lettering to coloring really servicing and advancing the story. I’m very excited for the next issue. 8 out of 10.

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