DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League #16 Reveals More About Future Of Legion Of Super-Heroes & A New Green Lantern Earth Corps?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Justice League #16.

Members of the Justice League have been scattered through time by a mysterious alleged ally to fight the Timeless who are rewriting history at various points in time prior to great power emerging, e.g. Wonder Woman is at a point time just as the Olympians are beginning to a take a foothold as the gods of Greece.

The most noteworthy times relate to two sets of Justice Leaguers.

The first are Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz who are in a future 500 years from now where the Green Lantern Corps is actually an Earth Corps.

In fact, Earth is Precinct One with their own power battery like the one on Oa / Mogo in the current timeline.

It looks like our Green Lanterns and the Earth Corps Lanterns will work together against the Timeless.

The other noteworthy time relates to Cyborg who is in the 30th Century of the soon-to-form Legion of Super-Heroes. You’ll see he is with Brainiac 5 who is , but a boy. In the 31rst Century the LOSH will be the great force for good in the universe.

The Timeless threaten all time, but particularly those points in time where the Justice League are scattered.

I still don’t follow the very headache inducing sci-fi narrative of the Timeless’ threat to the timeline, but there are some interesting time visits with some of the Justice Leaguers.

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