Marvel Now 2017 & Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers & Review: The Clone Conspiracy Omega #1 Has Rhino, Lizard, Kingpin, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, Norman Osborn Identity, Dead No More?

Marvel Now 2017 and Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers and Review follow for The Clone Conspiracy Omega #1.

This second epilogue to the conclusion of The Clone Conspiracy #5 (spoilers here), the first epilogue was in Amazing Spider-Man #24 (spoilers here), sets up a few different story lines for the world of the Amazing Spider-Man and concludes others.

The opening page gets us caught up, in narrative, on what happened in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy.

Rhino is struggling with the lose of his love who had come back as a clone and is no more.

Some of the originals will survive and others won’t.

SHIELD takes over the Jackal’s compound and begins decontamination, arrests, etc.

Kaine, another Peter Parker clone along with soon-to-be-Scarlet-Spider and former-Jackal Ben Reilly, decides to stay on Earth and no longer multiverse trot with Spider-Gwen; she returns to her world as well.

Rhino still grieves and shares a moment with Spider-Man; they both grieve, but continue to move forward.

The Lizard has a solution to his family problem (I believe his wife and son were clones, but I am open to be being correct), he’s made them lizards too! I wonder if this sets up the new ongoing Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man series?

Then Peter David and Mark Bagley, who will helm the new Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider series, get a back-up story where readers learn where he gets his seed money for his new adventures.

Finally we have Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen set-up Amazing Spider-Man #25 and the kick-off to The Osborn Identity storyline which appears to focus on a returned Norman Osborn and perhaps with the Green Goblin waiting the wings?

Marvel then gives us the usual “Next” page.


Overall an interesting second epilogue that puts a cap stone on The Clone Conspiracy and sets up other storylines. I’m intrigued as to what role Kaine will have in Ben Reilly’s new ongoing series as I am with waht’s next with the Lizard Family and with Norman Osborn. 7 out of 10.

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