DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Earth 2 Society #22 Ends One Justice Society Chapter, But Does It Open Another For JSA Rebirth?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Earth 2 Society #22!

The last hold out from the DC New 52 era comes to an end with Earth 2 Society #22. The tale of Earth 2 that began with a New 52 series simply called Earth 2, including a weekly series called Earth 2: World’s End, followed by Earth 2 Society is over.

What does the future hold for the Justice Society as JSA: Rebirth looms with a Jay Garrick / Flash set to make his DC Rebirth debut during the Batman / Flash “Button” cross-over involving the Watchmen and Flashpoint?

Here is what we know about Earth 2 Society #22 courtesy of Multiversity.

Plus, here is the solicitation for the issue.

      Earth 2 Society #22

      Writer: Dan Abnett
      Artist: Vicente Cifuentes

      In this series finale, a new dawn rises on Earth-2. After a terrible struggle, the Wonders have restored their world, better than ever. Can they become the new heroes and caretakers the reborn planet needs to protect it from future threats? And what of the price they paid for peace—what is the final fate of the Earth-2 Batman and his legacy?

So, do these teaser / preview pages and solicit intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

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