DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Earth 2 Society #22 Ends Justice Society Era, But Does It Lead To JSA Rebirth & Batman / The Flash “Button” Event With The Watchmen & Flashpoint?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Earth 2 Society #22.

A good chunk of the opening of Earth 2 Society #22 retells the sage of Earth 2 from its New 52 beginnings as the Earth 2 series to the weekly event Earth 2: World’s End event to the Convergence event with Telos to the current and concluding Earth 2 Society series.

We have a new Earth 2 that is diverse and accepting of diversity. Lois Lane, a.k.a. the Red Tornado, can still be a reporter despite being a cyborg. No one at the Daily Planet bats an eyelash at her being there.

We also have Helena Wayne discarding the Huntress mantle and taking up the Batman mantle with Dick Grayson’s son Jon as her new Robin.

Val-Zod is still Earth 2’s Superman and there still are a team of Wonders to protect it. A Justice Society in a fashion.

The team is now led by Oracle who is a wheelchair-bound former Earth 2 Batman Dick Grayson.

And, Earth 2’s Wonders live happily ever after.

Interestingly, the book ends nothing that this earth 2 is a do-over for the story beats retold in the issue.

In fact, the upcoming Batman / The Flash “The Button” 4-part crossover will be a do-over for the Justice Society and JSA Rebirth with the Jay Garrick Flash debuting alongside the Watchmen in some fashion and some denizens of Flashpoint including their Thomas Wayne Batman?


A happy ending for the Justice Society of Earth 2 with no connection to JSA Rebirth it seems. Awesome art and a decent story despite so many pages devoted to retelling what happened to earth 2 up to this point. Entertaining nonetheless. 7 out of 10.

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