DC Comics Rebirth & Superman Reborn Spoilers: Superwoman #8 Reveals What The New 52 Superman & New 52 Lois Lane Are?

DC Comics Rebirth and Superman Reborn Spoilers follow for Superwoman #8.

There are stranger forces at work in the multiverse that created the New 52 Superman and New 52 Lois Lane and that also chose the New 52’s Lana Lang to be the DC Rebirth Superwoman.

The New 52 Superman and New 52 Lois Lane seem to be fragments or parts of the pre-Flashpoint Superman and his wife Lois Lane. Their New 52 counterparts see Jon Kent, Superboy, as their son too.

They need the “red energy” that has been powering and killing Lana Lang as Superwoman. She gives it back to the New 52 Supes and New 52 LL leaving her seemingly with some residual non-electric powers.

The New 52 Superman and Lois Lane prepare to head off for the next chapter in the Superman Reborn saga, but not before best friends, New 52 Lois Lane and Lana Lang, fly together one last time as the first and second Superwoman.

Team Superwoman is still ready to protect DC Rebirth including her boyfriend John Henry Irons aka Steel, but…

…is there something more here? Is Lana Lang as Superwoman trapped somewhere / somewhen actually? We may learn more in next month’s Superwoman #9 tied to Superman Reborn Aftermath.

Which may lead to a new status quo for Lana Lang / Superwoman in Superwoman #10?

It appears that the New 52 Superman and New 52 Lois Lane appear in the last two parts of Superman Reborn in Superman #19 which is part 3 of Superman Reborn…

…and Action Comics #976 which is the part 4 and the final chapter in Superman Reborn a week later. I imagine we’ll get an explanation for this “red energy” and likely related “blue energy” then.

What did you think of this issue? I found it entertaining.

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