Marvel Now 2017, Post IVX #6 & ResurrXion Spoilers: 3rd X-Men Series Appeals To A 3rd Generation Of Fans! Gambit, Bishop & Archangel (& Cable) Fans Rejoice!

Marvel Now 2017, Post IVX #6 and ResurrXion Spoilers follow.

X-Men: Blue is a new ongoing Marvel Comics series appealing to classic Silver Age fans of the X-Men when it launched in 1963.

The 2017 team features the time-displaced original classic teen founding roster of the X-Men.

X-Men: Gold is a new ongoing Marvel Comics series for the “Giant Sized X-Men” international re-imagining of the team from 1975.

The 2017 book also has a diverse team of international X-Men.

Now Astonishing X-Men is a new ongoing Marvel Comics series evoking the early 1990s X-Men vibe.

The 2017 team evokes the “edge” from that era.

More details to come on the new 2017 Astonishing X-Men series, but we do know it will be written by Charles Soule!

So, with that, my four favorite X-Men are part of ResurrXion in Marvel Now 2017. Gambit, Bishop and Archangel in Astonishing X-Men and Cable headlining his own series.

While not faves per se, I do enjoy Colossus and Nightcrawler so I may also check out their X-Men: Gold book.

Kudos Marvel! Nice work on the X-side of ResurrXion!

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