DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Hypertime Returns & Co-exists w/ Multiversity Via Planet Of The Apes / Green Lantern #2 w/ Boom! Plus Universal Ring Origin!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Planet Of The Apes / Green Lantern #2 With Boom Studios.

You may have wondered how DC Comics characters can co-exist with the several other publishers’ characters / prpoerties that DC has been crossing over with as of late. Well, it is finally explained in Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #2 from DC Comics and Boom Studios.

Plus we learn of the origin of the Universal Ring that debuted last issue!

The book opens with Cornelius still in possession of the Universal Ring. He is channeling the red spectrum of rage at Taylor’s seeming death…

…then the will of the green spectrum. Plus the compassion of the indigo spectrum.

Back to harnessing the green will, he wants to end the violence on his world and he thinks these mysterious new garbed figures may be a key to that…

…including the dismantling of their god, really some kind of relic of war, and using it to…

…create more Universal Rings? A Universal Lantern Corps set to debut?

Back on OA or Mogo, wherever the Guardians of the Galaxy reside now, Guy Gardner and his fellow Green Lanterns demand answers on where the missing Hal Jordan is. He explains that a member of each Corps has been killed with Hal Jordan and Sinestro missing.

He then tells Guy Gardner et al the origin of the Universal Ring. The origin includes acknowledging that Rogue Guardian Rami created the Phantom Ring which could also channel all of the emotional spectrum; as seen in recent issues of the AMAZING Green Lanterns series.

However, less skilled Guardians were also trying to create new rings in the past and a mentally unstable Guardian created the Universal Ring. It could also access all of the emotional spectrum, but the ring was sentient somehow and dangerous.

The Universeal Ring was then banished in hypertime! Yes, that HYPERTIME!! To a parralel timeline where history unfolded differently leading to Earth being ruled by Apes.

Do you remember Hypertime? It was DC’s attempt in the 1990s to bring back the Multiverse in a fashion after the Crisis of Infinite Earths collapsed the multiverse to create one universe.

Instead of a multiverse of parallel Earths and universes, DC had hypertime with an infinite number of parallel timelines. The concept was used in the pages of the Kingdom, the Flash and Superboy, but not in many other books in the day.

The preceding two comics’ pages explain, in a fashion, what the concept of Hypertime was intended to be from DC Comics’ Kingdom Come event called The Kingdom.

So, alongside the multiverse in the modern DC Comics Rebirth era, hypertime also exists.


Anyhow, Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #2 ends interestingly enough.

A trapped Hal Jordan escapes from prison and finds simian allies.

While an equally trapped or stranded Sinestro makes his presence felt confronting Dr. Zaius.

While on the DC Rebirth Earth timeline (oy!), Guy Gardner leads a team of Green Lanterns to Belle Reve Penitentiary, the home of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad to…

…recruit an ally…

…Flash villain Gorilla Grodd for their mission to the Planet of the Apes to retrieve Hal Jordan!

A fun issue with impacts for DC Comics Rebirth! Neat.

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