HUGE Secret Empire & Amazing Spider-Man #25 Spoilers Leaked: Doctor Octopus’ Post Clone Conspiracy Fate & Secret Empire Role Revealed!


Massive Secret Empire and Amazing Spider-Man #25 Spoilers for Post Clone Conspiracy Doctor Octopus role follows!

The below spoilers started circling the internet on Monday. So, if you don’t want a key part of Amazing Spider-Man #25 (other spoilers and teasers here), related to the Secret Empire, go no further. If you are ok with spoilers, dive right in.

At the end of the Clone Conspiracy a disintegration Doctor Octopus clone made off with Ben Reilly’s stable proto-clone presumably based on Peter Parker’s DNA. Well we know now what Doctor Octopus is doing with his new stable clone body during Secret Empire as of Amazing Spider-man #29.

Doctor Otto Octavius is now the Superior Octopus following his earlier stint as the Superior Spider-Man.

Is he friend or foe? Villain or Hydra mole?

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