WonderCon 2017 & DC’s Young Animal Spoilers: DC Comics Rebirth Connection Explained & Event Planned For Fall / Winter 2017!

WonderCon 2017,DC’s Young Animal Spoilers and DC Comics Rebirth spoilers follow.

WonderCon 2017 is upon us and at the Young Animal Panel we learned about two important things: (1) an upcoming event involving the Young Animal titles / characters and (2) the connection between Young Animal and DC Rebirth.

WonderCon coverage has revealed the following, emphasis added.

      Coming up we have Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1, and Way said seeing the art from Mike Allred and Laura Allred is full of excitement. They chose a character who “spoke” to them, and taking an obscure character and working on them is what Young Animal is doing well. Bug is a “big giant tribute to Jack Kirby”, Rich said. You’ll see the original Blue Beetle, a Yeti, and a chase through dimensions for “reality shards”. It’s something that has been talked about in Cave Carson, slightly changed. It’s going to lead up to a Fall/Winter “event” when the books will tie together in a certain way, Way said. The shards have something to do with that.

Reality shards. Interesting. I wonder how this will play into The Watchmen Rebirth and even Multiversity with reality now, seemingly, able to be manipulated or changed perhaps a la CW DC TV’s portrayal of DC’s Spear of Destiny on TV.

      Asked how these books fit into DCU continuity, Way said it’s something they are developing, and it will define over time. It’s on the “fringe” of the DCU, happening a little on the outside of the Rebirth elements. They’ve had to get permission for the Bat characters, and Mother Panic is set in Gotham, but at a distance.

We noticed that the June 2017 DC Comics solicitations had the post Superman Reborn event Superman on the cover of Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #5. As such, we postulated that Young Animal took place in DC Comics Rebirth. And, its now confirmed.

Also, a new back-up will begin with Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7 called “The Wonderful World of Rocks” written by The Flintstones scribe ark Russell.


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