WonderCon & IDW Spoilers: Bart Sears’ Ominous Press Finds Publishing Partner For Kick Off Three Titles!

WonderCon and IDW Spoilers follow for Bart Sears’ Ominous Press.

We’re getting closer to some big-time comics from artists Bart Sears, Tom Raney and Andy Smith and writer Ron Marz.

      A little less than a year ago, veteran comic book artist Bart Sears announced the return of Ominous Press — the short-lived publisher he founded in the ’90s as a showcase for his creations like “Brute & Babe.” This time, Sears was joined by fellow industry mainstay Ron Marz, serving as Ominous Editor-in-Chief and lead writer.

      There hasn’t been a lot of Ominous Press news in the interim, but that changed today at WonderCon in Anaheim, with the announcement that the company will partner with IDW Publishing to bring its titles to the comics market.

      Ominous — which along with Marz, is headed by Sears as Chief Creative Officer, Sean HusVar as Publisher and Andy Smith as Art Director — debuts at IDW in July with the 48-page “Dread Gods” #1 (announced last year as “Prometheus”), from the team of Marz and artist Tom Raney. The Ominous rollout continues with “Giantkillers,” written and drawn by Bart Sears, and “Demi-God,” written by Marz and illustrated by Andy Smith.

Can’t wait.

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