Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Wrestlemania 33

Tonight is the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania 33! Here is the Pulse Wrestling Crew’s full preview and predictions!

WWE Championship Match
Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton

Spain: Again, I’d love for there to the typical logic to go screwy and for Orton to take a loss. And, you know, then go to prison for arson and grave desecration, like I’ve been saying for weeks now. But yeah, I think we’ll be seeing the end of Bray’s reign as transitional Champion and the start of another Randy Orton title run.
Winner (and new WWE Champion): Randy Orton

JT – By the time this rolls around after almost four hours of wrestling it will be hard to muster much enthusiasm, which is a shame because it could be a decent match. Despite often working like he’s under water, Orton has a good grasp of in-ring psychology, while Bray can put on a good match when he’s not feeling lazy. Hopefully both men rise to the occasion and earn their main event spot, or it’s all going to be down hill after Owens vs Jericho.
Winner: Randy ‘the arsonist’ Orton

Penny – Much like with the CeNikki/MizRyse shenanigans, the supposed heel here is really the face and the face is clearly the heel. Wyatt needs this title right now a LOT more than Two Strikes, and the crowd is clearly behind Bray. I think Bray is the logical choice to win here. But since when does Vince ever book things logically?
Winner – Two Strikes

Jake Ziegler – With a heel likely going over in the main event, I feel like the babyface will walk away with the title here. Neither result thrills me to be honest.
Winner: Randy Orton

Michael – Wow. Randy Orton in the main event. Joy. As has been mentioned many times, it is odd how Orton is the face in this matchup. He ingratiated himself with Bray Wyatt, drove away his family, turned his back on him, burned down his house, desecrated the grave of Sister Abigail (twice), and went back on his word to screw AJ Styles out of a deserved title shot. Yet, Wyatt is the one the WWE wants us to boo. I like Wyatt and would appreciate him having a decent run with the World title, but it is WrestleMania. Tradition has it that after building up Wyatt in the months before WrestleMania, they neuter him on the big stage. And the world continues to turn.
Winner: Randy Orton (new champion)

Sam P – This whole story has been built for Orton to win at Mania, hasn’t it?
Winner: Randy Orton

Sam Goward – I’m really hoping that Randy Bore-ton doesn’t win, since Wyatt has just been on fire recently and I want to see him continue this run.
Winner: Wyatt

Lewis Michie – This one could easily go either way as I would assume they will continue to work together coming out of Wrestlemania. I’m fully expecting a lot of bells, whistles and shenanigans with possible involvement from Luke Harper and maybe even Eric Rowan.
Winner – Randy Orton

Widro – This has been a dud of a storyline, and I think it continues after the show.
Winner: Wyatt

Universal Championship Match
Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Spain: What do you do when you make Brock Lesnar look like a total bitch not once, but twice? If WWE wants any more use from Lesnar following this feud, he simply must win. Goldberg’s value is measured in months, maybe, but Lesnar could bear fruit for far longer. Please, WWE, make the right choice here.
Winner (and new Universal Champion): Brock Lesnar

JT – Will Goldberg continue to defy logic and beat the younger, bigger, genuinely terrifying fighter, or will Brock get his revenge and maybe even earn his massive payday? Honestly, who gives a f**k? Goldberg doesn’t have the stamina to keep this going for more than a couple of minutes, so at least this should be mercifully short.
Winner: Goldberg

Penny – It would take me longer to type out all the reasons this match even happening at all is total bullshit than the actual match itself will last. Unless Oldberg is willing to sign an extension then Brock is a no brainer to win.
Winner – Crock Lesnar

Jake Ziegler – Not sure what they’ll do with the title once Brock wins it, but I see no way Goldberg leaves with the big red belt.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Michael – My original hope for this match was that the crowd would turn and shit all over it like they did at WrestleMania XX. But they added the Universal title to the feud for no real reason so now I don’t hope it turns into the trainwreck I was originally dreaming of. Listen, they are both part-timers and neither one has a great love for the business, which hopefully pisses off someone in the locker room enough to steal the show. The difference is that Lesnar has Paul Heyman with him. And Heyman promos are one of the highest highs of Raw these days.
Winner: Brock Lesnar (new champion)

Sam P – I love WWE. I love wrestling. But I hate this. Real hard.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Sam Goward – Brock proves himself to be the Businessman Incarnate, neatly slotting himself into the main event of Wrestlemania and getting a huge victory in the process. This match isn’t going to be particularly good, but at least Brock won’t be able to put us all to sleep with his constant German suplexes, due to Oldberg’s frail body.
Winner: Lesnar

Lewis Michie – Well I’m going to assume this one isn’t going to go very long, and there really is only one person who should be winning it.
Winner – Brock Lesnar

Widro – Should be interesting to see how much Goldberg can do in a longer match, could be ugly.
Winner: Lesnar

The Phenom vs. The Big Dog
The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

Spain: The Streak doesn’t exist anymore, so predicting this match has been a bit tricky. Undertaker might be leaving, and I’ve always assumed that when he does go out, he’ll go out on his back: that’s the code he’s always abided by. A win by a cocky or vicious Roman Reigns would do the Big Dog some major favours and provide a fitting exit for a legend.
Winner: Roman Reigns

JT – How long will it be before Undertaker has a heart attack in the ring or doessome irreparable damage with his signature ‘Wrestlemania dive’?’ Either way, with the streak broken this match has nowhere near the cache that it once would have, and it would make sense from a business point of view to put over the Big Dog and turn him full heel. Of course, sense and WWE should not be used in the same sentence, so…
Winner: The Undertaker

Penny – I will NEVER understand why Taker wanted this to be his swan song. He literally has the pull to tell Vince who he’ll fight and if he’ll win. Taker refused to job to Shane last year even though it made their plans for Shane pointless since despite losing he got raw for a month anyway. Taker wants to pass the torch to the absolute least deserving kid on the roster. Hell, Heath Slater would deserve a shot at ending Taker’s career moreso than Roman. But Taker gets what Taker wants and Taker wants to make Reigns a star.
Winner – Roman Drizzles

Jake Ziegler – Project: Get Roman Reigns over as the next Guy will be in full force here. There is literally no reason for the Undertaker to win, at all.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Michael – I feel bad for The Undertaker. He looked so pained and tired last year as he dragged Shane McMahon to a 30 minute match in Hell in a Cell. Of course he got to take a nice little nap on the announce table as Shane climbed to the top of the Cell. No such luck this year. I want Undertaker to go out with an awesome match. If this is his last ride (ha), I’m afraid it could ruin his legacy at the big show. Think about it, not only does Taker have that 23-1 record at WrestleMania, he had a series of GREAT, not good, GREAT matches too. He basically stole the show starting with Batista at 23, going through Edge the next year, then those four amazing matches with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and finally a classic with CM Punk. Then the streak ended and even that wasn’t the worst. The Bray Wyatt match was nowhere as good as it should have been though. And as mentioned the Shane McMahon match last year was pretty sad. I want him to pull out another classic and go out on his terms. Yes, I am still a mark when it comes to Taker and that’s okay. You may notice I didn’t talk about Roman Reigns here. Yep.
Winner: The Undertaker (based solely on 14 year old me still marking out for the Dead Man)

Sam P – I want a Roman Reigns victory purely to see the reaction of the crowd. By this point in the night, we’ll need a good chuckle.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam Goward – A lot of people aren’t going to be happy about it, but I sure am. Undertaker hopefully loses and hangs up his boots – I don’t like seeing him like this and every match he insists on having tarnishes an otherwise stellar legacy.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Lewis Michie – I’m really hoping this match goes well, and weather it does or does not comes down to what condition the Undertaker is in. I’m going to be positive and assume that the match will be good though. I will say what I said on my article this week. If it was anyone but Roman Reigns facing him, everyone would be saying the Undertaker’s opponent needs to win because they will be around longer and need it a lot more than the Undertaker. As much as people may not like him, the same should stand for Reigns. He will be around in the coming weeks, months and years, he needs this more.
Winner- Roman Reigns.

Widro – The massive heel reaction to Reigns when he pins the Undertaker will be something to behold.
Winner: Reigns

Power Couples Collide
John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

Spain: Let me say right out: I would love, love, love for Miz to pin Cena here. His heel work has been great and hilarious, and he deserves something for this. I doubt that’ll happen, however: this is Cena and Nikki’s moment at the expense of Miz and Maryse, unfortunately.
Winners: John Cena and Nikki Bella

JT – It would be nigh-impossible for me to care less about this match, but the WWE writers have been working hard with their ‘all women want is marriage and babies’ crap.
Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Penny – I’ve already covered this in myMania Countdown series here (insert a link to it pretty please Widro). Basically, the actual married couple should win and walk out as faces, but won’t because Vince Booking.
Winners – Ken & Barbie

Jake Ziegler – I hated the sound of this match when I first heard about it, but damn if Cena and Miz (and Maryse) haven’t made me want to see it. This should be great fun, and if the rumored proposal is happening after this match, no way the Cenas lose here.
Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Michael – Good God, who in their right mind wants to see this match? Miz has been gold for the past year or so, and he deserves better than to be fed to Cena at WrestleMania. I’m not sure why Miz hasn’t countered Cena’s genuinely mean promos on him with the reminder that Cena LOST to Miz at WrestleMania a few years back. In a perfect world, Miz and Maryse would crush Cena and Nikki Bella here and Cena would turn heel immediately after. But the world is far from perfect.
Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Sam P – This is the best built story of the entire card. The Miz and Cena have been so incredible in the run in that I’ve hidden behind pillows and cringed with glee at the truth bombs that have exploded all over the shop. Total Bellas Bull$h1t deserves a second season post Mania, but what we’re all expecting is a Cena proposal. If he has genuinely changed his mind about marriage, this would be a truly memorable Wrestlemania moment. SHOCK / TWIST KLAXON. Imagine if she says “No”…
Winner: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Sam Goward – Pretty much a no brainer. I don’t know if I’d be impressed if someone proposed to me in front of a bunch of wrestling fans – but hey.
Winner: Cena & his soon to be fiancée

Lewis Michie – The assumption is that after this match John Cena will be proposing to Nikki. Should this happen, you could probably afford to give the win to Miz and Maryse as the proposal would remove the disappointment of losing the match. However, I don’t think that’s the way this i going.
Winner – John Cena & Nikki Bella

Widro – Hard to imagine the Miz winning here, and I believe we’ll see a proposal after.
Winner: Cena & Bella

Non-Sanctioned Match
Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

Spain: Barring some interference from Samoa Joe, there’s no reason for Rollins not to win. A victory gives Triple H nothing, whereas Seth would gain crazy momentum leading to a hell of a feud with Joe down the line.
Winner: Seth Rollins

JT – If this match is non-sanctioned, I assume it will be happening in the carpark, a junkyard, or perhaps the ruins of the Wyatt family compound. The fact that four of the ‘big’ Wrestemania matches feature part-time wrestlers is endemic of the problems facing WWE – if you don’t care about your full time guys, why the hell should we?
Winner: Seth Rollins

Penny – Tripsy’s annual Mania role now seems to be to job to whomever he’s being a dick to on screen that year so they look good. Barring a last minute injury based change of plans, that ought to be the case here too.
Winner – Sethykins

Jake Ziegler – Rollins needs a big win to get himself back on track after so many failed attempts at the Universal Title and his recent injury. Also he seems set to feud with Samoa Joe after ‘Mania, so a win here is critical to his credibility.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Michael – Here is another match I have no interest in seeing. And I am a fan of Seth Rollins. A redemption story has legs (pun intended) and a good payoff at the biggest event of the year should work. However, the entire run up to this match has been Rollins knee injury. What that means for this match is that we get to watch Triple H work over Rollins leg for 20 minutes in the most boring fashion possible. This is also the spot where we will see Samoa Joe make his WrestleMania debut. I am guessing some mistaken interference leading to a Rollins roll up for the victory.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Sam P – Anything could happen here. What even is a non-sanctioned match? Are there pinfalls? DQs? With Rollins on medically shaky ground, I fully expect a bunch of interruptions. We could see Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens aid Trips, and then Finn Balor making a triumphant return to even the odds. Hell, the Demon could join Triple H’s new, AND FREAKING AWESOME, stable. From a storyline standpoint, he has more reason to hinder Rollins than to help.
Winner: Triple H

Sam Goward – I know it seems unthinkable Seth will lose, but then that’s what we said about Sting a couple years ago, and Brock before that. Hunter always goes f’n OVER!
Winner: Triple H

Lewis Michie- The match I’m looking forward to most. These two guys could really make some magic in the ring here, but again, I feel there is a clear winner here once again, and it really should be the guy who is going to be wrestling every Monday night.
Winner – Seth Rollins

Widro – This is another dud of a storyline heading into Wrestlemania, with Hunter getting all the heat and making Seth look weak. I could see a Joe interference leading to a tainted HHH win.
Winner: HHH

SmackDown LIVE Commissioner vs. The Phenomenal One
Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles

Spain: Oh Jesus God, how did we get here? Well, I think the best way out of this, and damn sure the only smart way forward, is for a decisive AJ Styles win over a game but definitely overmatched Shane O’Mac.
Winner: AJ Styles

JT – Another chance for Shane to throw himself off something high, probably after 20 minutes of filler. Can’t you just wait for the old man to die and inherit his millions, Shane-o?
Winner: AJ Styles

Penny – The best wrestler currently on Earth versus a crazy person out out-foleys Foley and makes us all absolutely convinced he’s going to die at least once per match? Yeah this shit will actually be GOOD. Expect Shane to take a monster beating, bust out a psycho spot that will live forever, and finally put AJ over to cement him as their top smackdown guy.
Winner – Styles

Jake Ziegler – Another match I’m not wild about is Shane McMahon versus anyone, let alone the best wrestler in the company. But then again, if anyone can make it entertaining, it’s AJ Styles. Also, Shane never half asses his performances, and the company has treated it like a big deal. This could get interesting.
Winner: AJ Styles

Michael – Dear Shane, you’ve had your fun. You’ve competed at WrestleMania. You jumped off a lot of high things. You’ve put your body on the line. We’re good now. You are not a wrestler. You are simply the most talented of the Mean Street Posse. AJ Styles is the face of Smackdown Live! right now whether you like it or not. Denying him a top level slot at WrestleMania is just silly.
Winner: AJ Styles

Sam P – Styles absolutely cannot lose this. The only McMahon highspot I’ll accept is him jumping off the rollercoaster set for the ultimate thrill ride.
Winner: AJ Styles

Sam Goward – It’s an utter waste of the greatest wrestler alive, but I reckon it’s going to be extremely entertaining and should be a far better Mania moment than that hideous Jericho match last year.
Winner: AJ Styles

Lewis Michie – As much as many people won’t be happy AJ is in this match, you’ve got to at least accept this means the WWE see him as a top player, as otherwise he wouldn’t have a 1v1 match with Shane McMahon.
Winner – AJ Styles

Widro – Even though this won’t be a showcase in-ring match, it shows WWE wanted to get AJ into a big match.
Winner: Styles

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match
Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Spain: There are several decent possibilities for endings here. I think the best, and the most straightforward, would be for Sasha to take advantage of Bayley somehow in this match, allowing the beginnings of a heel turn for her and a great programme featuring two fantastic talents.
Winner (and new RAW Women’s Champion): Bayley

JT – Bayley is over as hell with the crowds, Sasha seems to be being buried for reasons that are beyond me, Nia is a monster but sells like a Road Warrior, while Charlotte has the legacy but a crippling inability to string a coherent sentence together. If they can work it so we end up with Sasha facing Bayley, then this could turn into something good.
Winner: Bayley

Penny – Honestly? I have no idea, beyond knowing it won’t be Jax.

Jake Ziegler – I could almost see all four of these women winning, but I think ultimately tension between Bayley and Sasha Banks will allow Charlotte Flair to resume her place on the throne.
Winner: Charlotte Flair

Michael – Wow, did they go off the rails with this one. This match could have been the underdog Bayley chasing the unbeatable champion Charlotte Flair and finally getting that big victory. Instead, Bayley is a champion who is not the underdog in any sense. We also added Sasha Banks and Nia Jax to the match because … I guess because they were standing around backstage and someone decided to add them to the stew? We are getting the slow tease of a Sasha Banks turn, though. But instead of a compelling match for the Raw Women’s title, the match becomes second-fiddle to the storyline. So my prediction is this – Sasha turns on Bayley setting up a feud between those two. Nia Jax uses Sasha’s turn as a means to get the victory on Bayley and take the title. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair waits for Asuka to arrive at Raw.
Winner: Nia Jax (new champion)

Sam P – Err, this is a bit of a coin flip. There’s been a mix of opinions on the booking, but the end result leads us into the genuine belief that any one of these four ladies could win. And that’s fine by me. I originally assumed Banks would turn on Bayley here, but that would leave Bayley as the only face in the division. Dana Brooke doesn’t count. Hopefully, a renewed Bayley / Banks feud is down the line.
Winner: Bayley

Sam Goward – I can dream, right? Odds more likely suggest Charlotte win her 216th championship at Mania.
Winner: Sasha

Lewis Michie – I’d like to see Bayley keep the title for a bit longer.
Winner – Bayley

Widro – Charlotte regains the title on the big stage with Sasha turning on Bayley.
Winner: Charlotte

United States Championship Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Spain: I love how this feud has built and how the two have fallen apart. In fact, it’s one of the more sensible storylines heading into WrestleMania; think about that for just a second. I think the best option, considering how ill-used Kevin Owens was in that goddamn Goldberg match, is for Owens to gain sweet revenge and take a belt he can do something more with.
Winner (and new United States Champion): Kevin Owens

JT – This has the potential to be the match of the night, with the former BFF’s tearing into each other with gusto. Jericho is probably getting ready for another shot at being a rock star, so I’d expect the big man to come up with the win.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Penny – Given that Jericho is about to leave the company again to tour with Fozzy, chances are he’s going to go out making Owens look like pure gold.
Winner – KO Mania

Jake Ziegler – I’m not sure what Jericho’s schedule is like after ‘Mania, but if Owens were to lose to him that would be a huge mistake. The company trusted Owens to hold the Universal Title for six months, so I’m sure they’re on board with giving him the United States Title.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Michael – Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho have been the best thing about Raw for quite a while now. Their match should be suitably awesome and have the potential to take match of the night honors. I don’t really buy Owens caring about the United States title though. I am guessing Jericho is gone for a while after this, so let’s say Owens takes the victory and his Killer Kevin run continues as he chases down the new Universal champ Brock Lesnar.
Winner: Kevin Owens (new champion)

Sam P – How is this not for the Universal Championship? I mean, I know why. But still. The longest, most complete storyline of the last year has been pushed down the card, and the part time player argument aside, this will be awesome.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Sam Goward – It’s just… sad, seeing him here on the card. What a waste of a superb professional wrestler.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Lewis Michie – A match which has been coming together for a long time and these two guys are capable of sticking out in a packed card.
Winner – Kevin Owens

Widro – This has been the best built storyline heading into Mania and seems poised to Owens to go over.
Winner: Owens

Intercontinental Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Spain: Baron Corbin has been the aggressor so far, and Ambrose needs some payback. I see this being a triumph for Ambrose, or possibly even a DQ retention for him, allowing him to drop the belt to Corbin down the road (hopefully, please God, in a hardcore match).
Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Dean Ambrose

JT – It’s been a while since I mentioned how much I hate Baron Corbin, so let me take this opportunity. F**K that balding, talentless, forklift-obsessed piece of crap.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Penny – This is going to be ugly. Not bad match ugly, just brutal to watch ugly. Corbin is hungry to shake the nagging accusations of having been called up too soon, of not being ready, of being a mediocre worker, and Ambrose is just the man to give him the beating of his life to fight through and make the fans respect him. So whether this ends up being any good depends on whether or not Corbin is up to the task. But either way, management is behind him so he’ll still leave with the belt whether his performance merits it or not.
Winner – Boring Corbin

Jake Ziegler – Ambrose’s second reign with the title has been completely underwhelming, and the title needs a shot in the arm. Corbin has gotten himself over with hard work and on point promos on Talking Smack. It’s his time to see what he can do with a belt.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Michael – I don’t expect this match to be a technical classic or anything. The one thing both of these guys have is intensity. In fact, I would call this match the Rowdy Roddy Piper Intensity Memorial Match (“RRPIMM”). Ambrose is definitely popular enough to go over clean here and keep the crowd buzzed.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam P – Ambrose has been a little lost in the shuffle despite being a champion. Perhaps his character is more suited to chasing a title than holding one, and he should get the opportunity again after this. WWE seem high up on Corbin, and I’ve definitely warmed to him. That could be because his Belly Button Of Doom has been mercifully covered up for recent matches.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Sam Goward – This one does nothing for me, because Baron Corbin is in the match. Hopefully Dean wins and Baron just fades away, just like the rest of his hairline.
Winner: Ambrose

Lewis Michie – It appears this is going to be a straight up singles match despite the violence used in the build up to the match, which seemed to suggest to me that would be some type of street fight. On such a packed card I think this match will struggle to stick out due to not having such a stipulation.
Winner – Dean Ambrose

Widro – This show seems designed to position Vince’s faves for wins.
Winner: Corbin

Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Spain: I’ve not been keeping too close an eye on the RAW Tag Team scene, but this feels to me like a successful defence moments. Gallows and Anderson need to crawl their way out of the ridiculous hole the WWE’s put them in, and this could be their resurrection. Look for the Champions to retain.
Winners (and still RAW Tag Team Champions): Gallows and Anderson

JT – The shine seems to have worn off Enzo and Cass as people realize that they’re just a modern version of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, while Gallows and Anderson go from push to being buried on almost a weekly basis. After getting busted open at Raw expect Sheamus to come out swinging, but let’s just hope we can avoid any Joey Mercury style injuries in this one.
Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Penny – While Enzo & Cass never won an NXT tag title reign, they are easily probably the most over act in the entire company right now. Mania will need at least one feel good moment to make the fans happy and I’m guessing we get it here with the jersey boys going over big time.
Winners – Abbott and Costello On Roids

Jake Ziegler – Any of these three teams could walk out the Champions, but I’m seeing Enzo & Cass winning and then losing them back the next night and maybe splitting up.
Winners: Big Cass & Enzo Amore

Michael – The ladder stipulation makes this match much more interesting. But it still involves Enzo and Cass. The Gallows and Anderson title run has been underwhelming at best. You want to make Gallows and Anderson more badass, have them lose the titles here to Cesaro and Sheamus (who have been the only team on Raw who has looked impressive lately) and then take a trip down to NXT to brawl with the Authors of Pain for a while. Maybe teach them some stuff while re-establishing your reputation as ass-kickers. Also, let’s hope Big Cass turns on Enzo here.
Winner: Cesaro and Sheamus (new champions)

Sam P – I was given a tip a month ago that if this match involved ladders, then the Hardys would make a return to WWE. I thought it a long lost hope, but now my Spidey Sense is tingling. No idea if it’ll happen, or if it’ll even effect the outcome, but now, if it doesn’t, it’ll be like when you’re expecting a massive surprise in the Royal Rumble, number 30 hits, and it’s Rey Mysterio.
Winner: Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Sam Goward – These types of matches are always unpredictable: I’m just going with the guys I like the most.
Winner: Gallows and Anderson

Lewis Michie – As opposed to some of the other matches on this card, I think this one will manage to stick out on this crowded card because of the fact it has a stipulation like being a ladder match.
Winners – Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Widro – I think this will see a big win for Cass and Enzo to a huge pop, possibly opening the show.
Winner: Enzo & Cass

The Fourth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Kickoff Match)
Featuring Big Show, Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman, Apollo Crews, Mojo Rawley and more Superstars

Spain: Seems like Braun Strowman’s the obvious choice here, and therefore will be the one person to get anything out of this match other than shame.
Winner: Braun Strowman

JT – Hey, it’s a bunch of slow moving, barely talented monsters and Sami Zayn! Six months ago I would have said Apollo Crews had a chance here, but as of now he seems to be a highly talented worker just waiting for his release. Can the ultimate underdog pick up the win by tossing Braun Strowman over the top rope? Probably not, but I can dream…
Winner: Sami Zayn

Penny – Given how certain guys from each brand have been pushed and built up leading up to this, I’m between Strowman and Rawley for this one.

Jake Ziegler – One of two guys is winning this: Braun Strowman or Sami Zayn. I don’t think the company has as much interest in Zayn, so I see him putting up a great fight but getting tossed by Strowman in the end.
Winner: Braun Strowman

Michael – This appears to be a rerun. We’ve seen Braun Strowman beat Big Show multiple times. We’ve even seen him throw Big Show out of a battle royal before (anyone remember the Royal Rumble)? While having Sami Zayn in the match does bring up a few interesting possibilities, we have also seen him squashed by Strowman multiple times. They had something going with Strowman. The crowd is really responding to him. A WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns would have done him a load of good, especially if he could have pulled off a win. Instead, he gets to pretend he cares about this battle royal on the pre-show.
Winner: Braun Strowman

Sam P – Oddly enough, the promotional image for this match contains exactly 30 superstars, so either some of the advertised participants will be cut out of their Wrestlemania pay day, or there’ll be no surprise entrants like last year. Unless there is a genuine shock (Nakamura, Dillinger, Balor or Joe), there are only two possible outcomes. Strowman or Zayn. And knowing WWE…
Winner: Braun Strowman

Sam Goward – It’s shocking Braun isn’t in an important match. He’s really stepped up his game recently with an ever improving physique and equally improving in ring ability. This’ll be a “good boy” moment for his hard work.
Winner: Strowman

Lewis Michie – I mean come on if he doesn’t win there is something wrong here.
Winner – Braun Strowman

Widro – I think people are overrating Strowman but he should get the win here.
Winner: Strowman

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match (Kickoff Match)
Champion Alexa Bliss to defend against all female SmackDown LIVE Superstars who are available to compete

Spain: Alexa’s been doing some great work, and I feel like it’s a weak win for any new Champ to take the belt in a large-scale multi-person match. I see Alexa defending successfully and losing it down the line in a singles match.
Winner (and still SmackDown Women’s Champion): Alexa Bliss

JT – As the only exposure to Smackdown I get is Spain’s superb weekly recaps, I have no perspective on this match, so let’s say that Alexa retains, because why not?
Winner: Alexa Bliss

Winner – GLOW Revival

Jake Ziegler – At least one champion has to retain at the big show, and this seems like the most likely place for it to happen. We still don’t know if this is a battle royal or a free-for-all (a la WrestleMania XXX), but Bliss should walk out the Champ.
Winner: Alexa Bliss

Michael – This is possibly the laziest booking possible. Alexa Bliss versus the field. With Naomi coming back, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her take the title back here. But I really would like it if Mickie James won. At the very least, it would give some interesting and good matches defending the belt going forward. Against all available female wrestlers though just screams a surprise entrant. I think that surprise entrant will be …
Winner: Nikki Bella (because John Cena House Rule #35 states that Nikki’s career shall be promoted only if it promises more face time for Cena.)

Sam P – Now that Naomi has returned, the big question is whether or not there’s an Asuka up WWE’s sleeve. Or a Paige. Or a Kelly Kelly. Or an Eva Marie. But mainly an Asuka. It’d be incredible for Asuka to leave NXT undefeated and immediately win the Women’s Title on her debut. Screw it, I’m taking the wild fantasy punt.
Winner: Asuka

Sam Goward – I can’t see anyone else on the women’s roster taking the strap just yet. I’m really enjoying her character work, I just wish her actual wrestling improved to match.
Winner: Alexa Bliss

Lewis Michie – I think with it being in her hometown, Naomi is getting her title back
Winner – Naomi

Widro – While the women’s division on Raw has been pretty good, the Smackdown division not so much. Could really be anyone here. I’ll go with Naomi.
Winner: Naomi

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match (Kickoff Match)
Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

Spain: Austin Aries seems to be being touted as the one and only, with Neville providing a great villain for him to dethrone. For a kickoff match, seems like the smart move would be for there to be a new champ.
Winner (and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion): Austin Aries

JT – Neville has developed a great arrogant character as Cruiserweight champ, but there are few people in the world that do arrogance as well as Austin Aries. I expect this to be a fun, fast paced match which will be far more entertaining that most of the stuff on the main card.
Winner: Austin Aries

Penny – Do I even need to put a blurb here?
Winner – A-Double

Jake Ziegler – I think two champions will retain, as I think it would behoove 205 Live to delay the inevitable Aries win for their own show, rather than the preshow of WrestleMania. Should be a great match either way.
Winner: Neville

Michael – I was never the biggest fan of A Double, but I have really liked his work lately. I still think the Last Chancery is one of the stupidest submission holds in history, but the Five Arm is vicious. Neville has shined as the cocky king of the Cruiserweights. This could very likely be the match of the night and it is stuck on the pre-show.
Winner: Austin Aries (new champion)

Sam P – I was livid when I heard this was on the Kick-Off show. Then it dawned on me that actually, being on the Kick-Off will allow this Cruiserweight match to better showcase two remarkably talented competitors in a lengthier bout that could turn more eyes to 205 Live. Neville has been a revelation as a heel. Long may the King’s reign continue.
Winner: Neville

Sam Goward – WWE have proved this belt means nothing so a ‘big’ title change at Mania makes sense. Shame, since Neville has been the best he’s ever been.
Winner: Austin Aries

Lewis Michie – This should be an awesome match and I just hope they don’t have any of these matches come out so soon into the pre-show that the crowd is mostly empty like Kalisto Vs Ryback was last year.
Winner – Austin Aries

Widro – Could be a great match but it is on the Pre-show. A Double completes his comeback and wins the title.
Winner: Aries

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