10 Thoughts On… WWE Wrestlemania 33 (Orton vs. Wyatt, Undertaker’s Last Ride, Hardy Boyz Are Back)

10 Thoughts On… WWE Wrestlemania 33 ()

1. Wrestlemania 33 will almost certainly go down in history. There’s my rhyme for today. I know I haven’t been on here much and this is mainly to do with my work life outside of wrestling, but I have been watching. Ever watching. And I am definitely a bag of emotions after this show.

2. Hardy Boyz are back. And they are your RAW Tag Team Champions. That…is interesting. And the fact that Matt was HEAVILY teasing the BROKEN version of himself was promising to say the least. I have heard and agree with other sentiments that we might not get a Brother Nero out of this because Jeff is more profitable to them as a singles character at times. And I might be wrong. It is just good to have them back.

3. This night was the chance for the Old Guard to hand over the keys to the kingdom, and it was sort of kind of halfway there. We had HHH losing to Seth Rollins against all odds with his injury and Steph getting her just deserts.

4. Then we had John Cena and him winning what I would think would be an easy handoff to the Miz. But I suppose the staff thought the proposal would go better with a win. That does nothing for the Miz but put a setback in his way. It might be a blessing in disguise for more promo fuel, but we will see after this coming Smackdown.

5. Chris Jericho was taken out by his long-time non-best friend Kevin Owens, giving him the heel heat he needed by basically playing out the Zayn/Steen story as I remember hearing about it. And Owens needed it more, so good.

6. We had Orton go over on Wyatt. How much more powerful would Bray seem if he had thwarted the well laid plans of Orton? Also, we know now that Sister Abigail’s powers consisted of setting up a projector above the ring with insects in the presentation. Which would have seemed all the more impressive if multiple wrestlers didn’t have graphics on the mat as well through the night. Naomi must have jumped in Abigail’s ashes when Bray wasn’t looking. Regardless, Bray needs some support heavily to come back from this.

7. A mixed version of this is the Hardys winning the Tag Titles. It sets them up to possibly put another younger team over. Of course they won. It was a surprise and they are one of the elite tag teams in history, in a ladder match, where they tend to shine. I look forward to future matches with them.

8. You could think of Lesnar being the young guy compared to Goldberg, so that kind of works. It was short enough and only their four best moves could be used in the match so I liked it. It was a battle of ‘Titans’ and it couldn’t be expected to go long. And it possibly sets up one more thing. The thing I absolutely hated about this night.

9. Roman vs. The Undertaker. Christ. Really, Vince? You think this is going to go well for you? That this will put Roman over? Very big thought for Raw is that he will be over. As a heel. And I certainly hope they play him like that. Or else Taker’s last match will be for naught. As for the retirement possibility with the gear in the ring and him walking off into the sunset, I have mixed feelings. Taker has had a long career for sure. He’s done almost everything he could with the character and then some. From the Million Dollar Team all the way through the Deadman, the Ministry, the American Bad Ass, then back to Taker, Texas Ranger Edition. I will miss him being around and Wrestlemania will feel a little less every year without him, but I really didn’t want Roman to be the one to do it. But with the WWE’s stubbornness, I am not surprised in the least.

10. So. Wrestlemania as a whole was good. It had the epic feel it needed to have. The set design alone was amazing and was perfect for getting the most into the Citrus Bowl as possible. The pyro felt epic at times and watching clips of Raw during recaps was amusing in how small everything seemed comparatively. This is how I am supposed to feel about this event. And with Taker leaving, it will always be a HUGE milestone for the company.