DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Does Batman #20 I Am Bane Finale Tease Flash X-Over “The Button” With The Watchmen, Flashpoint & JSA / Justice Society Rebirth?

“The Button” cross-over with the Flash and Batman begins this month and includes Flashpoint, The Watchmen and even the rebirth of the JSA / Justice Society and more goodies.

So, does Batman #20 tease the Button in the same way that The Flash #19 did (spoilers here)?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Batman #20 follow.

Batman #20 marks the finale for the I Am Bane arc…

…which was a follow to the earlier I Am Batman arc.

Bane and Batman fight.

Batman wins.

Bane is done.

And, Batman hallucinates about his mother.

So, to answer my earliers questions, sadly, there is no tease or lead into The Button cross-over with the Flash beyond the line at the bottom of the last page indicating that Batman #21 will be part of the Button x-over.

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