Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Live! Scorecard for 04.04.2017

WWE had a huge post-Wrestlemania 33 episode of Smackdown live! packed with surprises and awesomeness. How did the Pulse Wrestling team rate the show?


I believe that Smackdown out-surprised Raw. With Dillinger responding to Hawkins, it left speculation on if Nakamura would actually show up, and did so in grand fashion. The WWE title situation leaves me uninterested. Rowen’s return and siding with Wyatt feels like it has been done as many times as Big Show has turned heel. I was hoping for one more surprise in the main event, perhaps Sister Abigail finally, but it turned out as business as usual.
Rating: 7.5


– The usual Smackdown matches and redundant recaps scored a 5.0 with me, while the call-ups (Nakamura and Dillinger) and crowd energy scored a 10.0, averaging out at a 7.5.
Rating: 7.5


– After all the action on Raw yesterday, I felt SmackDown Live! was a dose of sleepytime tea. Tye Dillinger debuted again, but I don’t know why I am supposed to care. Shinsuke Nakamura showed up and … did nothing. Erick Rowan returned and I yawned. AJ Styles shook Shane O’Mac’s hand to legitimize spitting on the hard work of the locker room. One thing could have saved this night – Luke Harper turning on Randy Orton and becoming the next contender for the World title. Instead we get … Zzzzz…
Rating: 6.5


– Amazing to see Nakamura debut on the main roster to a huge reaction!
Rating: 8.0

Total Rating: 29.5
Total Reviewers: 4

Inside Pulse Scorecard For Smackdown Live! 04.04.2017: 7.9