Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 04.10.2017

It was a big episode of Raw featuring the Superstar Shakeup!


The Superstar Shake-Up took a backseat tonight to Braun Strowman’s epic beat down of Roman Reigns. Sure, it was cheesy & campy, but the live crowd loved it, and I had a huge grin on my face.
Rating: 7.5


If they’re not careful, Braun Strowman is going to be the biggest face in the company. A couple more attempted murders of Reigns should do it. And if they keep the weirdness to a minimum, I think a Balor/Wyatt program could be pretty great. The Arrival keeps kicking ass too which is a good thing. Not sure what I think about Alexa Bliss being on Raw, but Mickie James looks darn good. Still curious as to how they are going to shake out the US and Intercontinental titles though. Second straight week of lots of action and fun.
Rating: 8.5


It must have been that passionate post-WM33 crowd that hated Roman
Rating 8.0

Total Ratings: 24.0
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Raw Scorecard Rating: 8.0

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