DC Comics Rebirth & Superman Reborn Aftermath Spoilers: Supergirl #8 Completes DC’s Bait & Switch As Legion Of Super-Heroes Rebirth Pushed Back? Plus Cyborg Supermen?

DC Comics Rebirth and Superman Reborn Aftermath Spoilers follow for Supergirl #8.

DC Comics originally solicited Batgirl Annual #1 as a Supergirl team-up and break-in to Arkham Asylum. Supergirl #8 then was solicited as Emerald Empress looking for Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes building on her DC Universe Rebirth #1 initiated storyline. Many readers then assumed that the Arkham Asylum escape was Supergirl and Batgirl freeing Saturn Girl; we know Saturn Girl is in Arkham Asylum afterall from Batman #9.

However, Batgirl Annual #1 changed the break-in from Arkham Asylum to a Cadmus dark site and that storyline continues in Supergirl #9 after the Emerald Empress Supergirl #8 issue.

So, it appears with the Batgirl Annual #1 solicitation change, and the over-selling of Emerald Empress on the cover of Supergirl #8, DC Comics has pushed back its Legion of Super-heroes Rebirth plans.

Here is how insignificant the Emerald Empress pages of Supergirl #8 are and the references to Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The book opens with Superman visiting Supergirl for the Day of Val-Lor which was celebrated on Krypton. Their meeting is broken up by the screams of a pedestrian. He is being attacked by Emerald Empress, post her Justice League vs. Suicide Squad appearance…

…who is looking for Saturn Girl and has a hate on for…


The above pages were released as part of DC Comics free preview / teaser pages for Supergirl #8 that were released prior to the issue hitting stands.

The only other Emerald Empress page in Supergirl #8 follows as…

…she disappears promising to return with others.

Certainly much ado about nothing and the cover to Supergorl #8 with Emerald Empress oversells her role in this book.

However, despite that disappointment, the book has a nice summary of the four issues of Superman Reborn over two pages.

No explanation though about how the Superman Family continuity reboot after Superman Reborn Aftermath impacts Supergirl. Afterall, prior to Superman Reborn, her father Zor-el was Cyborg Superman.

After Superman Reborn Aftermath, Hank Henshaw has returned as Cyborg Superman.

And, even in Supergirl #8 we know that Supergirl battled her father recently, but it’s not mentioned whether he was Cyborg Superman or not.

Interesting times ahead.

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