DC Comics Rebirth & The Button Spoilers: Batman #21 Kicks Off The Watchmen / Flash X-Over w/ Flashpoint Batman Vs Reverse Flash Via Preview

DC Comics Rebirth and The Button Spoilers for Batman #21 follows.

Batman #21 continues on from DC Universe Rebirth #1 (spoilers here), The Flash #19 ended (spoilers here) with a big villain’s return for the The Button a cross-over between Batman and the Flash comics that will feature the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne), the JSA / Justice Society Rebirth (starting with Jay Garrick) and the Watchmen (hence “the Button”) in its pages. Flash #21 also ended (spoilers here) with a new hero or villain debuts that may play into the Button as well.

GS has the scoop on how this cross-over kicks off!

The interior pages of the issue seems to hint at Crisis of Infinite Earths connection as the Psycho Pirate’s masks triggers the events of The Button; a button that belongs to the Comedian of the Watchmen.

Reverse Flash (Eodard Thawne) vs. Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) open up the Button x-over between the Batman and Flash DC Rebirth comics.

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

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