Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 04.17.2017

Things have settled down in the WWE Universe after Wrestlemania 33 and the Superstar Shakeup. What did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of tonight’s Raw?


Whew, atleast Balor is ok. Braun finally made due on his “or else” statement. The tease of the superplex in the main event made it ever so obvious that the exploding ring trick was in play (that is, if you didn’t see that the light boards on the aprons & LED ring posts were missing last night). Bump of the night goes to Referee Cone!

Rating: 6.0


I was unimpressed with this week’s Raw. Just turn Strowman face already. And I’ve seen the gimmicked ring destruction before. Let’s hope everyone wakes up for next week.

Rating: 5.5


It was a relief that Finn Balor was back in action, and the spectacle of the main event was memorable.

Rating: 6.5

Total Ratings: 18
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Raw Scorecard: 6.0

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