10 Thoughts on NXT – Drew McIntyre, DIY, Shinsuke Nakamura

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1. It’s NXT time and tonight Drew Galloway returns to the WWE! Our first match of the night is Aleister Black vs Corey Hollis, and Black’s entrance is longer than the match.

2. Single move squash as Hollis walks into a Black Mass for and Black gets the pin. Come on, WWE. Tommy End can wrestle – let us see it. Don’t book him like Braun Strowman.

3. Next week Tye Dillinger takes on Eric Young inside a steel cage, which should be fun.

4. Next up DIY take on the almost comically ugly team of Miley and Blake. Dylan Miley is huge and moves pretty well, while Michael Blaze plays the Spike Dudley role and sells well. Miley dominates for a short while before making the poor choice of tagging Blaze, who immediately gets hit with Meeting in the Middle and pinned.

5. Post match Miley beats the crap out of Blake to sporadic applause and storms out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miley eventually move up as Rusev’s long lost brother…

6. And now it’s time for a video package of Ember Moon looking sad after losing to Asuka at Takeover, followed by Ruby Riot taking on Kimberly Frankele.

7. Riot is sharp in the ring, while Kimberly could do with some work, but they put together a solid match despite the presence of Nikki Cross on the outside. Riot picks up the win with a running Pele Kick.

8. Our main event is the returning Drew McIntyre taking on the hard hitting Oney Lorkin. McIntyre looks good and has improved significantly in the ring during his time working the indies. Lorkin works his ass off as usual and plays the plucky underdog, but this was always going to be McIntyre’s night.

9. Lorkin is busted open the hard way, then McIntyre hits a running single leg dropkick for the pinfall victory. Solid return for the Scotsman.

10. The final segment of the night is a farewell to Shinsuke Nakamura, and the Full Sale University crowd love the King of Strong Style. Nice speech by Nakamura putting over the caliber of NXT and the fans, proving once again that this guy deserves to hold the world championship. The locker room empties to applaud Nak as the show closes. A genuinely heartfelt moment in an often contrived world.

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