Wrestling Opinions from a Sleazy Guy 4. 19. 17 – Monday Night Raw Thoughts

Wrestling Opinons from a Sleazy Guy 4.18.17 Part 2

Raw Review

By Sebastian Howard

Widro wanted me to split this into two parts so I will. The first part was me doing a TWO WEEK LATE review for Wrestlemania. I went there and wrote about my experiences and reviewed the show, check it out if you’re interested. Anywho, since I already did the intro piece in the last part I’m just going to jump right into Raw from last night.

So Raw opened with Braun talking about taking Reigns out. Necessary, honestly. That was the biggest thing on Raw last week so it makes sense it would start the show out. What I think is funny in all this is that they’re trying to build Struaman up as a total monster but his push is already nutured by the fact that he already lost to Reigns at Fastlane and on Raw AND Reigns just beat Taker. This whole feud is just so half assed and it feels like a way to waste time until Reigns wrestles Lesnar, which could either be at Summerslam or if they really feel like Wrestlemania’s the only important ppv, Wrestlemania. Another thing about this feud is how hilariously out of whack the characters are in their placements. Reigns is the most hated heel in the company at this point but Vince thinks he’s a babyface SO DAMMIT HE’S GONNA BE BABYFACE!!! This whole feud is just turning fans even more against Reigns and turning Strauman into a babyface! People keep on saying that eventually Reigns is going to turn heel or at least act more heelish like he has been doing since the feud with Taker but this entire feud PROVES that Vince still thinks Reigns is a HUGE babyface and he’s going to shove that idea down your throat.

Angle’s involvement in the segment just adds to my point. Angle is one of the more over babyfaces on Raw and here he is condemning Strauman and telling him he needs to take the night off. Its just hilarious how ass backwards everything is. You know the thing with Vince isn’t that he doesn’t understand what the fans want, he does, he just doesn’t care.

By the way the Ambulance spot from last week was hilarious, could not stop laughing while it was happening.

Jericho/Joe was good but too short, didn’t like the fact that Jericho tapped clean. Jericho’s just looking like such a bitch lately but whatever, he wants to go do Fozzy so WWE’s not even going to pretend like he has a chance at winning at Payback.

Strauman beats up R Truth and Golddust, jee what a badass.

Was smoking weed outside on the patio during the Anderson/Gallows vs Jooisey Boys, couldn’t care less though I do really like Gallows/Anderson.

Miz TV segment was pretty good, the only thing I didn’t like about it is that its basically a Smackdown feud on Raw. But Miz just tearing into Dean for becoming completely irrelevant is great and Dean came across as really cool and adult in this segment. Dean kind of deserves shit like this just because he was SUCH a cocky douche when he was the champion, completely verbally burying Ziggler and Styles and acting like he was above everyone else. Dude, ALL YOU DID AS CHAMPION WAS BEAT ZIGGLER! And he gave a fucking participation trophy to Styles? Anyway I like the feud and that they seemed to have carried over the shoot elements of Smackdown and Talking Smack over to Raw. Should be a pretty good feud, not sure who’s going over honestly.

TJ Perkins is a lot better as heel, reminds me kind of a heel 123 Kid. He’s such a stupid douche you legit want to see him get his shit kicked him. Good match with Galagher but the crowd was deader than my dick after snorting Heroin. I guess TJ and Neville are friends now?

Fatal four way with the women was the best match on the show, I guess people are bitching about it being sloppy and overlong…. and yeah Nia Jax dominating got old fast but the match was legit really good and had a really good false finish when Sasha put Bliss in the Bank Statement. I thought it was over and was freaking out but Mickie saved Bliss and Bliss ended up getting the pin after tossing Jax. Bliss/Bayley should be really good and I’m really hoping Bliss goes over and then we can Bliss/Sasha for the title. I haven’t been writing for a while so let me say this, I love Alexa Bliss. Hottest chick on the roster, good in the ring and has her character nailed down. Reminds me kind of a Heel Stratus.

Finn Balor buried one of the Edgeheads, who cares?

Jericho’s segment was SO WEAK! He’s just phoning it in at this point. Something Eric S said back in the day was that Jericho was great on the mic but he wasn’t at Shawn or Flair’s level because they could cut promos with no one else involved and they’d be perfect. When Jericho doesn’t have anyone to cut a promo on his promos are a lot weaker which is definitely the case here, basically I’m just saying he needs someone to play off of where Shawn/Flair didn’t.

Bray Wyatt wastes some time. Busy watching Sean of the Dead and smoking an apple bowl, couldn’t care less, especially since Orton wasn’t even on the fucking show.

Jesus, the next two matches made me feel like I’d time traveled back to 2008. Jeff Hardy in a big match on Raw? Big Show in the main event? The hell. Where’s Cryme Tyme at?

Jeff/Cesaro was decent, Jeff isn’t a great wrestler by any means but he has a certain formula that he does pretty well and he’s a good rag doll. Nice to see him wrestle honestly as I forgot how he was at his thing.

Ugh, the main event. Show/Strauman wasn’t a BAD match but it just feels so underwhelming when you realize nothing exciting or interesting or unexpected is going to happen for the rest of Raw, its just this. Decent match, Strauman looked strong and the ring breaking was cool.

Overall, a pretty weak Raw. Main event was underwhelming and most of the show felt sluggish and bad. Raw really needs to step up its game if it wants to keep any post Wrestlemania/Superstar Shakeup viewers. Smackdown seems a lot more exciting right now and I’m looking forward to it tonight.