Impact Wrestling 4/20/17 Recap – Low-Ki Returns and Storm battles Lashley

The show begins with a James Storm history package where he says he looked up after winning the title before to pay tribute to his dad. A new fast-paced rap song acts as the intro theme, and it’s far more contemporary than anything else on wrestling – so that’s a plus. Sadly, it just leads to the usual boring intro video. JB hypes up a night of champions and he says it’s a new day in Impact. The LAX intro remains incredible and they now have street gear for their intro instead of just wrestling gear – which is a huge improvement for them. They’re wrestling pleather shorts and win with the Street Sweeper over a pair of jobbers – excellent stuff, they finally had a chance to shine, but they really do need to do that on the mic to establish their own characters.

Konnan rants about the good old boys having the power before introducing Homicide before saying that Diamante, who checks hos and Santana and Ortiz are here to unleash venom and violence. Decay comes down and Steve is absolutely ripped. They brawl and it’s broken up. Karen comes down and says WOW WOW WOW YOU ARE ON FIRE. Sonjay returns before Trevor comes down, and then Helms comes down to bark orders. Bruce comes down to add another authority figure to this mix for some reason to announce a multi-man X Title main event. Lee vs. Everett vs. Dutt is announced to start out for a six-way main event.

We get a hype video for Crimson where he talks about just having his mom and not having a father figure to guide him – and he doesn’t even know who his dad is. He has a five year old now and he was living dangerously before that. He signed up to the Army to do something with his life, and this in a few moments did more to tell you a story than anything else they’ve done. Knockouts Knockdown ad airs. ODB gets squashed by Rosemary. ODB was good-ish as a gimmick a decade ago, but she just can’t go anymore.

Bruce announces that Suicide will be in the 6-man match, and says that “first, we have a women’s title match to get to” – so I guess pre-tape aired a bit late. Sienna comes in to talk to Karen, and we get an LVN/KM/Sienna video. Kongo Kong comes down and beats a jobber with a Superfat dive. Boy is Kongo Kong nothing. Storm cuts an intense promo about Lashley, and Alberto in a bright blue suit cuts a promo via satellite about wanting the title back.

Magnus chats with McKenzie and has the GFW Title. He says that he should get a title shot because he’s GFW Champion and he won the announcers tag. Storm comes down to a remix of “Longnecks and Rednecks”, with new black and red Orton-looking gear, and a new slicker jacket. Lashley comes down while Josh walks out with him. Josh comes out to make commentary quite a bit worse – shouldn’t a guest commentator not be doing that?

Lashley and Storm go at it with a quick pace. Storm sends him out with a lariat, but Lashley hits a delayed suplex on the steps. After the break, Pope says “testing”. Well, it’s live. Storm hits a sloppy run-up sorta-suplex on Lashley when he goes up top. A flying elbow gets 2. Storm gets 2 off a sloppy powerbomb for 2. Lashley hits a dominator for a 2.5. Ref gets bumped, EC3 hits Storm with a bottle and Lashley spears him to win. Dutch talks about the fifth man being Desmond Xavier and if you don’t know who he is, you will and the sixth man is a surprise.

Chris Adonis is shown beating up Moose at a BCW show. Moose is interviewed, but Adonis comes up with his arm in a sling. Okay, that’s a feud. Low-Ki comes out as the sixth man in his Hitman-inspired gear and tron. Sonjay hits a silly running pop-up DDT across EVERYONE ELSE IN THE MATCH to get 2. Low-Ki goes for big stomps, but thankfully everyone moves. Lee and Everett get a few minutes to shine – or at least work against each other instead of actually looking good like they do in CWF Mid-Atlantic. Low-Ki kicks Lee in the face off a floor dive before Suicide hits a suicide plunge to a pile on the floor. Everett hits a frankendriver before eating the handpsring kick to Everett and using the Warrior’s Way to win the title. JB and Josh get into a sissy fight after the match at the table. So ONCE AGAIN, the damned announcers feud overshadows everything.

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