Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 04.24.2017

It was the go-home edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, heading into the Payback 2017 PPV this Sunday. How did the Pulse Wrestling crew feel about the show?


I like they didn’t just ignore that Ambrose and Jericho had a very similar beef just a little while ago, but there was too much Dean for my taste. Glad they’re trying to make Wyatt a big deal, but I’m worried they’ve neutered him too much. The worst thing is that the 3 hour show feels like an eternity. Bleh overall.
Rating: 6.0


Braun losing is a bit confusing to me, however the post match beat-down was great. How many more times will Balor back up the guy that put him on the shelf? And, the main event centered around Ambrose vs. Miz, yet they are not scheduled for a match at the PPV.
Rating: 6.0


To steal from Wrestletalk; it was AveRAWge.
Rating: 4.0


A decent show with some solid angles to drive home the PPV.
Rating: 7.0

Total Ratings: 23
Total Reviewers: 4

Inside Pulse Raw Scorecard: 5.75