DC Comics Rebirth & The Button Part 2 Spoilers & Review: The Flash #21 w/ Batman Has DC’s Lost Time, Justice Society / JSA, Flashpoint As The Watchmen Loom!

Following the overt the Watchmen plot point advancement, and Legion of Super-Heroes Rebirth tease, in the Button Part 1 in Batman #21 (spoilers here), and the Justice Society of America / JSA Rebirth hints we got in the Button Part 2 in Flash #21 teaser (spoilers here), comes the full look at the Flash #21!

DC Comics Rebirth and The Button Part 2 Spoilers and Review follow for the Flash #21!

There remains a mystery about the Reverse Flash, despite seemingly dying at the hands of the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, off panel in the pages of Batman #21.

He’s made up of Barry Allen’s Speedforce energy not Eobard Thawne’s own negative Speedforce energy.

Barry Allen, the Flash, blames himself for the circumstances, but Batman assures him that despite the mystery being tied to Flashpoint time was stolen much earlier(??).

So, when exactly did the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan steal time from the DC Universe.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Anyhow, the book includes Johnny Thunder, an older version, still looking for his powers and the classic Justice Society of America / JSA.

And, then when the Flash is conversing with a convalescing Batman the helmet of Jay Garrick, the JSA’s Flash, comes up.

There’s a lot of cosmic treadmill use by the Flash with Batman in tow. We get a glimpse of the “lost time” that Doctor Manhattan stole form DC after the DC universe was attempting to reform time and reality after Flashpoint.

It seems it was Martian Manhunter and not Cyborg that founded the Justice League afterall?

The cosmic treadmill journey culminates in…

…DC Comics Rebirth’s Bruce Wayne Batman meeting the Flashpoint Batman which was his dad Thomas Wayne!


A pretty fast read, no pun intended, with still no on-panel the Watchmen or Doctor Manhattan references. However, the teases in teh Button 1 and 2 of the Justice Society of America / JSA Rebirth and the Legion of Super-Heroes / LOSH Rebirth were nice nods. With how much or how little has happened inteh Button parts 1 and 2 so far, I imagine this 4-part cross-over between Batman and the Flash will end with some big teases to DC’s next the Watchmen related cross-over, this time likely involving of DC Rebirth in the last Summer 2017 or the Fall of 2017. I give The Flash #21 7 out of 10. Great art btw.

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