Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Live! Scorecard for 04.25.2017

Smackdown had some ups and downs with some running in place storylines until after Raw’s Payback PPV. What did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the show?


Another blah show. Orton is just the most boring world champ. AJ and Owens could be interesting if they ever get there. And just let Nakamura kick someone’s face in already. Finally, I’m dropping the rating a full point due to the main event mess of a finish.
Rating: 5.0

Matthew Schuerman

The Charlotte face turn is odd though. She’s a natural heel, and she’s not stale in the least. Very interesting to see where they go. Rating 4.5


Solid episode of the show but it’s odd to see them move forward with programs for Orton and Owens despite their PPV matches.
Rating 6.5

Total reviewers: 3
Total ratings: 16.0

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Smackdown Live! 5.3

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