Valiant Comics Brings Us NINJA-K In The Fall 2017, But Who Were Ninja-A to Ninja-J?

EW has the scoop on what’s next for Ninjak at Valiant!

      Valiant writer teases new spy-focused Ninja-K series

      Christos Gage outlines the future of the publisher’s resident super-spy

      Valiant Entertaiment has been a fresh and exciting superhero publisher for a few years now, but there’s never been a better time to start reading. Last month saw the launch of a new X-O Manowar series, with writer Matt Kindt and artist Tomas Giorello taking one of the company’s flagship characters on the first step of an epic space saga. Now one of Valiant’s other prominent heroes will be getting a similarly fresh relaunch, when Giorello and writer Christos Gage begin a new Ninja-K series this November.

      Many Valiant characters mash up different pop culture influences, and Ninjak is a particularly awesome example of that: a combination spy and ninja who slices his way through all kinds of enemies. His most recent series, written by Kindt, explored some magical and metaphysical territory. Gage’s run, by contrast, will focus more on the spy element and on the history of the secret program that created Ninjak — especially since a mysterious someone has started killing off people involved in the program, Watchmen style. The title of the new series, Ninja-K, emphasizes Ninjak’s role as the latest iteration of a long-running program (going all the way back to Ninja-A and Ninja-B).

      In an interview with EW, Gage teased his plans for the series, which kicks off with a special 40-page first issue. Look for it this November, and check out the first cover from Trevor Hairsine above.

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