10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor April 29, 2017 (Silas Young versus Jay Lethal versus Jay White versus Hangman Page, Plus Flip!)

Thought Zero – I didn’t get my Fantasy Book column completed this past week due to some family commitments, but it will be back this week. As for now, there’s an hour of Ring of Honor television to watch and share thoughts.

1) The main event tonight is the Four-Way Survival match for the shot at the ROH World Title at War of the Worlds. The competitors are Silas Young, Jay Lethal, Jay White, and Hangman Page. Should be a really good match actually. However, before the first match, Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni let us know that Cody Rhodes has been added to that War of the Worlds main event match. Honestly, that sort of blows. If I were any of the four men fighting tonight, I would say screw that, I’ll just interrupt a Christopher Daniels’ promo and get my title shot.

2) First match is Coast 2 Coast versus Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia of The Kingdom. I have not been too impressed with Coast 2 Coast before, and I would expect to see The Kingdom win impressively here. Kudos to Colt Cabana for making the joke that was in my mind. Cabana said he was surprised Space Ghost wasn’t the manager of Coast 2 Coast. If you get that joke, you are awesome.

3) The Kingdom won the match, but C2C controlled most of it which was not the way it should have been. But Matt Taven did get the win by hitting his version of Christopher Daniels’ Angel’s Wings to draw attention to the fact that he has a World Title shot soon. Okay, fair enough. I commented a while back about The Kingdom’s new members not distinguishing themselves, but Marseglia has managed to separate himself some with his craziness.

4) If Matt Taven wins the World Title, he will be the only person to ever hold every Ring of Honor title. How weird that the first person to do that could be Matt Taven. I know the 6-man titles are pretty new, but still.

5) We get yet another segment about the Young Bucks versus the Hardys ladder match. Then the Young Bucks come out to talk. Joy. They issue an open challenge and here are Mikey and Kenny from the (Spirit) Squad to challenge and charge the ring. They both eat superkicks and I guess that is a scheduled match for next week now? Odd. Kenny and Mikey are pretty good though, let’s see how ROH uses them.

6) Here comes Matt Sydal who apparently gets a ROH TV title shot against Marty Scurll at War of the Worlds. Not sure why Sydal deserves that shot, but okay, should be a good match. It is a little disturbing that at War of the Worlds the two ROH singles titles could be won by guys who also appear on Impact currently – Sydal and Rhodes. If I were ROH, I would shut down that working relationship with the sinking ship that is Impact Wrestling. As for today, Sydal is wrestling someone named Flip Gordon. I have no idea who Flip Gordon is, but he looks like John Cena’s 12 year old cousin. He even does the Cena salute thing in his Tale of the Tape picture. Ugh.

7) Ian Riccaboni drops some knowledge about Flip Gordon. Apparently, Flip is the first person to wrestle in Ring of Honor to come from Montana. He’s a trailblazer! Flip also was a college mascot for North Idaho College named Cecil the Cardinal. And just like that, a new guy named Flip is forever a joke. Flip actually flips around for a bit, including doing like 20 kip-ups in a row which actually gets a “Flip” chant going. Flip also hit a nice springboard Sling Blade which was pretty nice. Sydal is acting more arrogant and heelish than normal today. That could work for him long term. Sydal wins the match, but Flip really was the star in this match. Scurll tried to attack after the match, but Sydal took him out.

8) Before the main event, Adam Cole comes out so Ian Riccaboni can interview him, but Cole steals the mic and sends Ian away. Cole then cuts a promo and announces that he and Cody will be taking on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels next week. Then he says the Bullet Club is great, blah blah blah.

9) While it will come as no surprise who I think should win this match, honestly any of the competitors would be good opponents versus Christopher Daniels. But let me just point out why Jay Lethal is the best. Silas Young has this signature move he does where he hits a backbreaker and then lifts opponent back up and levels him with a clothesline. Well, he goes to hit Jay Lethal with that move and Lethal, being awesome, does a Matrix dodge of the clothesline in that short span from the backbreaker. I am not doing a good job of explaining it, but trust me, it was cool.

10) Silas Young is always fun to watch. He got the advantage on Jay White then went to the middle rope and hit a super backscratch on White. That got an actual chuckle out of me. Silas Young also had a very gross confrontation with Page. Young spit on Page, Page wiped off Young’s spit, licked it into his mouth, and then spit on Young. Yuck. Jay Lethal won by hitting a Lethal Injection on Young and got the pinfall. After the match, Daniels lifts up the belt and Cody comes out on the ramp wearing Daniels’ t-shirt. Well, they tried to pimp that PPV match, so that’s something.


Overall, this was pretty much a one-match show, but I was entertained, so there’s that. Next week is the last show before the War of the Worlds PPV, so we will see what they decide to bring to the table. I’ll be waiting with my knife and fork and an appetite. Until then…


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