10 Thoughts On… WWE Smackdown Live! 05.02.2017 (Chris Jericho vs. KO, Charlotte Flair, Don’t Hinder Jinder)

Here we go with Smackdown Live!

1. Shane McMahon got a huge pop and reaction coming out to introduce Chris Jericho to Smackdown. This first brought out AJ Styles, who reminded Chris about Y2AJ. Just as Jericho was about to put AJ on the list, Kevin Owens came out, which for some reason nullified the list-adding.

2. As Owens verbally sparred with Styles, Jericho and Shane, AJ just got fed up, left the ring and attacked Owens! Usually they just stand around and waiting for each others’ turn. This got Styles banned from ringside in the main event.

3. Jinder Mahal beat Sami Zayn with the help of the Singh Brothers, I must say that I’m enjoying the Jinder push thusfar.

4. Backstage the heel women approach Becky about joining them because she can’t trust Charlotte. Becky says she will consider it!

5. Renee Young interviewed Chris Jericho backstage and Jericho called her “Ronny”. Aiden English walked by, crying, and Jericho berated him, adding him to this list. Then Jericho was so flummoxed that he also added Renee to the list!

6. Sin Cara had a really cool ring outfit:

7. The women had a match where first Charlotte came down injured, then later Becky addressed the heels and first seemed to join them but then turned. It was all super predictable but it worked really well. Good contrast to the trash booking of Bayley over the last few months.

8. Breezango had a great skit. First they had a Law & Order style opening, introducing them as the Fashion Police. They complained about having to do paperwork for their defeat over the Ascension. They call the Usos the “Uggos”. Corny but great.

9. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens had a great match in the main event ending pretty much clean with Owens hitting the Pop Up Powerbomb and regaining the US Title.

10. They did a hard sell injury with Owens continuing to attack Jericho after the match, writing Jericho off TV until his next return.

Overall a good show, better than Raw with some intriguing developments in the Women’s division and a strong main event.

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