Pull List Roundtable 5/3/2017 – Secret Empire #1, Eternal Empire #1, Youngblood #1, Pestilence #1 & More

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James Fulton

  • The Dregs #3 – This Black Mask series about a restaurant preying on Vancouver’s homeless population is dense and strange, and I love that about it. This is a great series.
  • Eternal Empire #1 – Jonathan Luna and Sara Vaughn did such a great job with Alex + Ava that I’m totally down for their new title – I didn’t even need to read the press stuff, so I don’t really know what it’s going to be about. This is my preferred way to dig into a new series by creators I respect.
  • Planetoid: Praxis #4 – I know I keep mentioning this, but Ken Garing’s Planetoid is one of my favourite books right now. I’m so happy it’s stuck to a reasonable schedule, unlike its first series.
  • Secret Empire #1 – The zero issue hit all the right notes, so I’m curious to see what this event is going to turn into. Sadly, this issue is drawn by Steve McNiven, so it’s going to look like every event Marvel has pumped out over the last decade – I wish they’d stuck with someone like Daniel Acuña to give the story a more unique appearance. Truthfully, I find McNiven incredibly dull, and I hope he doesn’t drag the story down with him. At least it’s not Greg Land.
  • The Walking Dead #167 – It looks like it’s time to kill off one of my favourite characters again. I just can’t see this one surviving what has happened to him/her over the last two issues, and that is a shame.

John Babos

7 books this week

  • Batman #22
  • Bloodshot Reborn #0
  • Deathstroke #18
  • Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #5
  • Green Arrow #22
  • Green Lanterns #22
  • Youngblood #1

Joe Smith

  • Batman #22 – Looking forward to seeing what’s next in the Button crossover, it’s been a slow build so far but that may be a good thing here.
  • Aquaman #22 – The storyline with Deadwater continues and I’m interested to see what happens with the cliffhanger last issue.
  • Woods #32 – The last issue was a lot of exposition, but it helps to keep this series moving at a satisfactory pace overall.
  • Project Superpowers Hero Killers #1 – This sounds like it could be a fun issue so I’m going to give it a shot.

Matt Graham

  • The Dregs #3 – This is social commentary about how the rich are eating the poor in Western society. This is hard-boiled noir about the rich eating the poor and getting away with it. The protagonist is a homeless man whose drug addiction offers magical realism filter over a decaying Vancouver. He’s searching for his missing friend.

This is a book about the rich eating the poor.

Enthralling, engaging, and methodical in every line of dialogue and inked stroke on the page, this is not a book you want to pass by.

  • Extremity #3 -They butchered a young artist’s village. They killed her mother. Then they took her dominant hand. Daniel Warren Johnson writes and illustrates this science fantasy adventure about a young woman’s quest for revenge against an evil empire. The simple story wrings layers of depth as Johnson explores his own fears and insecurities over the nightmare of losing the hand that lets him bring his worlds to life. The author mentioned that this story percolated for years in his head until he put his fear into his story. It paid off, because this book ignites from page 1 of the first issue.

The fantasy world is out of Heavy Metal or the cult classic Wizards. Johnson’s action sequences and quiet moments carry an energy that animates every panel, and I’m not sure it’s a trick of the eye. Colourist Mike Spicer brings ever scene to vivid life with palettes and colour moods I haven’t seen in comic books for years.

It’s early, but this may be my favourite new series of the year.

  • Paper Girls #14 – The best book in comics. That is all.
  • Hawkeye #6 – Part Two of the Jessica Jones guest-starring arc picks up with our Hawkeye and Jones chasing a dragon across the Hollywood hills. A real one.
  • Jean Grey #1 – This book was my looked forward to of the new X-Stable. I like the idea that the Phoenix is a dragon to be slayed, and our time displaced young Jean (it happened years ago, but still sounds weird) goes on a quest to slay that dragon and avoid the Phoenix’s “gift” before it can ruin her life. Dennis Hopeless has written some of my favourite runs at Marvel in recent years, and I’m a Jean diehard, so when I heard he was framing her solo series as a Trials of Hercules adventure, I was in. Victor Ibanez’s preview art has been some of the best art I’ve seen from the X-Men corner, and colourist Jay David Ramos pulls me right into the page to complete the immersion.
  • Secret Empire #1 – It’s like Shock G’s Sex Packets. It can’t hurt to try it.
  • X-Men Gold #3 – Issue 3 and already the climactic showdown with the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Who says Marvel isn’t learning compression.

Phil Allen

Only a few books this week!

  • Bane: Conquest #1 – I take it with a grain of salt when original creators return to their classic work, especially after such a long time away. But I’ve been enjoying Bane in the main Batman series so I’m giving this a shot.
  • Eternal Empire #1 – Alex + Ada was one of my favorite series a couple years ago so this is a can’t miss.
  • Injustice 2 #1 – I have never been a big fan of game-to-comic adaptations but Injustice was one of DC’s best series a few years ago, and Tom Taylor returning is pretty exciting.
  • Justice League #20 – Another recent favorite, this book has been consistently good since day one.
  • Pestilence #1 – The Black Plague was actually the first zombie infection? Yeah, not missing this one.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batman #22
  • Paper Girls #14
  • Reggie and Me #5
  • Star Wars: Poe Dameron #14
  • Superman #22

Mike Maillaro

  • JEAN GREY #1 – Never thought I would buy a Jean Grey series, but Dennis Hopeless has been one of my favorite writers over the last few years, so I am hyped for this one.
  • SECRET EMPIRE #1 – Marvel events can be hit or miss, but I do love the concept for this crossover. I do think Spencer’s writing has gotten a little heavy-handed with the political messaging, but for the most part I still like his work and I’m curious with how SECRET EMPIRE plays out.
  • BANE CONQUEST #1 – I started reading comics just around the time Knightfall started, so I am a huge Bane fan. Not sure if this series needs to be 12 issues long, but I am on board.
  • YOUNGBLOOD #1 – I have no idea if this book is going to be worth the time or money, but I have enjoyed the last few attempts to relaunch Extreme Studios. I have been waiting for Liefeld’s BRIGADE to return for a while (he did a Kickstarter for it a while back), so this is as close as I am getting.
  • UNSTOPPABLE WASP #5 – My daughter’s favorite comic! This book is just pure fun. Marvel has been cutting out some of their more fun titles like SPIDER-WOMAN and HELLCAT, so WASP needs support more than ever!
  • BATMAN #22 – The Button has been a little slower than I expected a 4 part weekly crossover to be, but I still think it’s a real compelling story, and a great place for DC to continue building their story up.
  • Cerebus In Hell #3
  • Blood Blister 2
  • Pestilence #1
  • Shipwreck #4
  • Reggie And Me #5 (Of 5)
  • Flintstones #11
  • Green Arrow #22
  • Green Lanterns #22
  • Nightwing #20
  • Superman #22
  • Back To The Future Biff To The Future #4 (Of 6)
  • Uncle Scrooge #26
  • Paper Girls #14
  • Postal #20
  • Champions #8
  • Hawkeye #6
  • Jessica Jones #8
  • Nova #6
  • Spider-Man #16
  • Spider-Man 2099 #23
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron #14
  • X-Men Gold #3
  • Faith #11