Marvel Comics & Secret Empire Spoilers: Secret Empire #1 Has Captain America Strike, A Marvel Legacy Death & The Fantastic Four?

Marvel Comics and Secret Empire Spoilers for Secret Empire #1 follow.

The book opens with a summary of how we got “here” and “here” is…

…plus the Dramatis Personae with Captain America listed as part of Hydra Command not the Avengers.

We also have a tease of the Fanastic Four, who have been MIA for quite some time, but…

…its only the, what is called, the Fantisti-Car? So the FF is still “around” Marvel. Will they show up in the Secret Empire epic?

Anyhow, Captain America or Captain Hydra, take your pick of nom du guerre, addresses the United States…

…as classic Marvel Legacy hero and sidekick Rick Hones is taken to a firing Squad for not joining Captain America on his new quest.

Interesting that Marvel is hyping its going aback to its roots and core heroes with Marvel Legacy yet kills a major Marvel Legacy character.

You can’t unring that bell unless you have a cosmic cube…. oh, wait. Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube that rewrote history or restored history; whatever the Marvel party line is. Perhaps the deaths will be undone as the epic continues?

We then see Miles Morales, I believe, and Tony Stark finally understanding what has happened as…

…Captain America’s Hydra forces fire on the heroes and populace.

Can Captain America really be redeemed at the end of all this with the wave of a Cosmic Cube sentient or not?

Marvel then tells us all the Secret Empire books coming out in May 2017 over three pages of Secret Empire #1.

What did you think? I’m stunned. Stunned at how tone deaf Marvel is. Wow.

However, fear not, Marvel Legacy will wash this way for you?


Listen, I get that its all about the journey and not the destination creatively for the writer and Marvel, as we know Captain America will redeemed in some fashion heading into Marvel Legacy in the Fall 20177, but Captain America slowly realizing Hydra is actually evil in the pages of 9+ issues of Secret Empire makes him rather obtuse. Hardly the shining beacon of virtue he used to be.

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