An Inside Look at the Offseason Life of an NFL Player

After the lights fade on the stadiums across the NFL, some of the top athletes in the world finally get to break out from the day-to-day routine and actually live lives that are a bit more similar to you and me. Well, it’s true that their lives do have a bit more glitz and glamour than a great deal of us, but it’s also accurate to say that many of their motivations are similar. Many want to just kick back and relax over an extended period of time. Their locations just may be more lavish.


Vacation and Relaxation Spots

For a lot of top flight athletes, the off-season allows them to finally hit up their favorite locales and forget the beatings their bodies have taken over the course of a prior season. Many take vacations in Hawaii to soak in the sun, top touristy spots for culture in Paris, or a combination of all.

In reality, many just go back to their hometown to get a few plates of mom’s home cooking and catch up with some of the guys they grew up with. While the latter may not be as luxurious as the former, they both serve the same purpose – recharging the batteries before they report back to camp. It gives them one of the only chances to kick back, whether it’s with a few cold ones, some much needed sleep, or even a vape with their favorite thc vape pen.



Of course, there are some players who do not have it as lucky as the guys above. Surgery is an unfortunate part of any sport, but in the NFL, it’s as much a part of the game as running a corner route. Most of the time these injuries are more routine maintenance than full-on surgeries. For example, coming off of an unsuccessful Super Bowl run, Julio Jones elected to have foot surgery to remove a bunion.

This surgery wouldn’t impact him too much on the field – not much does, it seems – but electing to have the surgery during the off-season allowed him to stay in shape and be ready for training camp. Plenty of guys choose to do this for the same reason, whether it’s to clean up a knee scope or a nagging MCL injury, all in hopes that they’re good to go when it’s time to put back on the pads.


Game Tape and Working Out

There are many guys who simply do not “get” an off-season. Some players may balance the above with studying game tape and working on their bodies. During the season, it’s required for every player to scout the opponent, while many may not do their due diligence when it comes to themselves.

This is when the athlete takes a step back and “self-scout” to understand parts of their game that they can work on. This shapes their workout regimen, whether it’s footwork, strength, or anything else that may patch up any holes in their game.

Working out is obviously mandatory in the off-season, but many do it before organized team activities. This not only shows dedication to the craft, but it also assures that they’re at least on a level playing field.

After all, the other guys are putting in work, too. If not, they can expect to wash out of the league.

There are a multitude of ways that guys around the league like to unwind. However, there are a few things that are true among the elite and the guys who don’t see a lot playing time. They all like to stick to a decent workout regimen, see a few sites, as well as catch up with the people who helped get them there. It should be said that there’s no difference between NFL or MLB guys in this regard.