DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #5 As Major Force, Doctor Manhattan, Ultramax Strikes? Where Are The Watchmen?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #5 follow.

We’ve mentioned for some time that the change to the status quo of Captain Atom in the pages of the Fall and Rise of Captain Atom mini-series were likely in part influenced by the upcoming Watchmen vs. DC Rebirth event (name TBD) coming up later in 2017.

The Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan is a character that was based on Captain Atom as DC Comics at the time wouldn’t let writer Alan Moore use the catalogue of characters DC purchased from Charlton for the Watchmen; so Moore created “new” characters modeled on the Charlton characters he had hoped to use.

Captain Atom inspired Dorctor Manhattan and Dr. Manhattan is seemingly responsible for creating the New 52 after Flashpoint by stealing time so that a new world was created. Arrgh… comic book science!

In his pre-New 52 DC Comics persona, Captain Atom for years was a blue hued atomic hero which resembled somewhat Doctor Manhattan. It makes sense that DC Comics in the Rebirth era would want to revitalize the Captain Atom character, change his costume to a different color (in this case red/purple/pink) so that the two characters would be visual dissimilar. I anticipate Captain Atom will play a critical role in whatever Watchmen vs. DC Rebirth event is to come.

Anyhow, that leads us to the Rise and Fall of Captain Atom #5. In the last issue a new atomic villain debuted, who is blue hued interestingly, but is not Captain Atom’s classic foil of Major Force.

Max Thrane was a death row inmate who was frozen atomically when Captain Atom sprung from the past into the present. He was freed last issue, from the electric chair he’s been in atomic stasis in for years, and went on a rampage with his next aromic powers.

This issue we learn who he is after and that he’s…

…taken on the nom due guerre of Ultramax; a play on his first name and the prison he had been housed in.

In addition, to mobsters and the like from his past, Ultramax is after General Wade Eiling who was behind the project that created and/or recently changed Captain Atom.

Captain Atom goes toe-to-toe with Ultramax in the quantum field…

…as he returns to the present, Ultramax plots…

…over how to kill Wade Eiling the last person on his hit list.

Next issue this mini-series concludes with the Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #6.

Will the Watchmen continue to be MIA here as they have been the first 3 parts of the Batman/Flash “Button” cross-over (spoilers here) focusing on the Watchmen Comedian’s iconic smiley Button?

A fun little mini-series focusing on Captain Atom nonetheless.

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