Impact 5-4-17 Recap – Alberto vs. Eli Drake

Moose’s pals beating up Davey is shown and then LAX promos are shown alongside their destruction of Decay. Matt Sydal comes out to face Eddie Edwards, with Dave Penzer doing ring announcing now. They circle and Josh says that the show is trending worldwide now. Okay, if you’re going to bullshit people, at least do it at a logical time.They engage in basic matwork while fans are shown checking their phones. I guess they’re busy checking to see if the show is trending. Eddie lands some chops while Josh buries JB. Sydal hits a spinkick, but eats a suicide dive.

Sydal eats a chin checker for 2. Josh hypes up the summer live events and Sydal reverses a tiger driver attempt. Second rope codebreaker hits for 2 for Eddie, but a tiger driver is countered into a rana for 2. Josh keeps calling every tiger driver attempt a “pedigree” before yammering on. Sydal hits a knockout knee before hitting the shooting star press and winning. Davey jumps Eddie after the match and chairshots the knee. Now Josh is a babyface and is horrified by this attack.

Magnus chats with McKenzie and he says he’s the GFW Champion and that should make him an instant main eventer for Slammiversary. Bruce comes in and tells him he’s gonna defend it against Morgan tonight. KM works out and is angered by someone sweeping and missing something. This is riveting television. Sienna comes down with KM to face Christina Von Eerie. BUT FIRST, Josh has to bury both JB and David Penzer. So now he’s a heel again. Sienna mafia kicks her for 2. A forearm exchange leads to CVE eating a backdrop on the apron…but bouncing off the ropes first. Silencer hits and Sienna wins it.

Eli chats with Bruce about not being one of his “guys” and getting the shaft. Alberto comes up and Bruce makes a match with a GFW Title shot on the line. ODB talks about making Impact Great. Hopefully she can do that without wrestling awful comedy matches. Sydal vs. Eddie is shown in clips and Sydal talks about feeling welcome here and wanting an X Title shot. Karen chats with McKenzie about Alicia debuting against Angelina Love…except she wrestled on the last PPV and won a contract. Sienna mocks Karen. EC3 debuts new Orton-esque gear and beats a jobber with the One Percenter before cutting a promo about wanting the title again.

Matt Morgan comes out to face Magnus, who has sleek red and black gear. They get some nice close-ups of the GFW Title to justify that expense. Morgan does all of his usual big man stuff as boringly as ever. Magnus works the legs for a while. Magnus low blows Morgan after distracting the ref with the title and hits his gorgeous flying elbow to retain the title. Mayweather and Wilcox cut a fine, but nothing special promo about their tours. Lashley chats about tonight not being about the Impact Title – it’s about the GFW Title, and it’s the only one these guys can even hope to win with him as Impact Champion.

LAX’s beating of Decay is shown and we get another LAX skit where Konnan gives Decay a moment of silence. Then they drink. Storm talks about making Impact great and we get a recap of Spud’s beating by Swoggle. Spud is shown rehabbing, and then Kongo Kong comes down with LVN. He squashes a jobber before Braxton and Allie come down. The heels are sent packing before Eli talks about making Impact great.

Low-Ki chats about being champion and beating up Sonjay, who could never quite get to the A level. Sonjay’s eye is all jacked up, but they’re telling a nice story of him going for his first X Title. Eli comes down before Alberto comes out through the fans. Pope says this is a BIG TIME MATCHUP several times. Josh talks about how Eli looks like he belongs in the main event. An Alberto dropkick sends him down. Alberto goes for the double foot stomp, but Eli counters it. Eli hits a springboard moonsault for 2. Alberto gets the stomp in the ropes and wins it.

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