Secret Empire Spoilers: Marvel Comics’ 4 Captain America: Steve Rogers’ Captain Hydra / Nazi Costume? Plus Hawkeye?!

The Secret Empire event so far:

Which of the four (4) Secret Empire Captain Hydra costumes will Steve Rogers: Captain America actually wear during Marvel’s Secret Empire event?

Marvel Comics and Secret Empire Spoilers follow.

First version of John Christopher’s Secret Empire #1 action figure variant.

Second and final version of John Christopher’s Secret Empire #1 action figure variant with a white Hydra emblem and H on forehead.

As an aside, I love Hawkeye’s classic costume with the H on the forehead.

Marvel won’t allow Clint Barton to have an H on his forehead any longer, but Captain Hydra can? Oy!

In terms of Captain Hydra, Secret Empire #0 showing the gold and black Hydra chest symbol under Captain America’s costume.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #17 cover.

< sarcasm > Why doesn’t Marvel just embrace the swastika a la the classic Shazam / Captain Marvel foil’s Captain Nazi costume at DC Comics? < /sarcasm >

Hydra = Nazis afterall.

Plus Captain America has used the Nazi symbol before.

Anyhow, in terms of Marvel’s Secret Empire 2017 event, there are four versions of Captain America’s Captain Hydra costume revealed so far. Will he have 4 costumes or more? Perhaps only a Captain Hydra costume and one “relaxed” Nazi costume like on the Steve Rogers: Captain America #17 cover?

I can’t believe Marvel has me tying the word Nazi in 2017. Sigh.

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