WWE Raw 5/8/17 Recap – Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

The show starts with Dean chatting with Kurt over the phone about pics he sent him. Kurt names Dean GM or something and Dean tells him he’s thought of a great name for their next PPV – okay, that’s a great way to explain away Great Balls of Fire. Dean says that Kurt won’t be here due to his sick dog, but he is in charge. Dean says on his show, it’s not about talking, so Miz comes out to talk. He brags about getting a shot at Dean’s title due to beating Seth and Finn. He wants a handshake, but Miz refuses and Braun comes down.

He has the mic with his bad arm, which seems like a bad idea. Corey and Cole each give different injuries that Braun has suffered – and Braun gets a “thank you Strowman” chant. Kalisto comes down and wants a match with Braun. Dean gives him that and starts the show with Miz vs. Finn Balor. Miz is mid-ring for Balor’s intro, and things start off quickly. Miz misses a corner lariat, but eats a high kick off the apron. Miz eats the barricade dropkick and he goes for the footstomp, but Maryse pulls him out.

Miz hits a kick and a kneeling DDT for 2. Miz eats a beating and just goes to leave. Dean says he doesn’t do that, and it’s now going to be no DQ. Balor hits a slingblade and lands the coup de grace to win it. Nia asks Alexa why she talks about everyone, and if she meant what she said if she was great. Bliss says sure, and Nia says okay – if you meant it, give me a title shot. Alexa says she doesn’t make matches, and Kurt isn’t here, but she’ll talk to him later. Nia buys it and says that Bliss has a new best friend.

Alexa and Mickie have a fairly sloppy match. Cole recaps the entire backstage skit for whatever reason. Long armbar by Bliss leads to Mickie avoiding the clawhold slam and hitting a flapjack and kipping up. Bayley dives on Nia, but Alexa pulls Mickie off the top and wins. Bliss attacks Mickie, so Bayley makes a save, but gets beaten up by Nia. Okay then. Miz talks to Dean about what he did out there. Miz wants to know what happened to his very special MizTV, but Dean doesn’t have it on his new format. Miz wants to make Dean vs. Bray tonight.

Charly chats with Samoa Joe and recaps his Raw run so far and says that Seth will go until he says he can because he’s going to tear his knees apart. Seth runs in and brawls with him into the loud metal pipe district backstage. Braun vs. Kalisto in the dumpster match gets recapped before Braun comes down to face Kalisto. Kalisto comes in and eats a big boot and a punt to the ribs. Roman’s theme hits, but Braun isn’t distracted until he actually sees Roman. Roman hits three Superman punches to take Braun down. Roman runs Braun’s shoulder into the post repeatedly and uses a chair to send Braun packing.

Goldust talks about how they’ve held tag titles before, but not together – but they can do it. He knows what he can do, and he knows what Truth can do, so it’s time to show the world that we can turn the clock back like the Hardys. Enzo and Cass come out, followed by Cesaro and Sheamus for tag team turmoil. The empire elbow hits Sheamus, but Enzo takes a classic ass-whopping. Cesaro forces Enz to tap to the Sharpshooter before Rhyno and Slater come down. They have a nice, intense brawl on the ramp before Rhyno is taken out and a brogue kick pins Slater. The Club is next. It’s a fast-paced brawl, but a brogue kick takes Gallows out.

Golden Truth come out and Cole talks up Sheamus and Cesaro as almost the babyfaces in this as they’ve been in it since the beginning. GT hits a double Russian legsweep for 2, but Cesaro lands a kneebreaker on Goldust on the barricade. Hat Rack Crack hits for Truth, and the Lie Detector gets 2. Truth misses a corner charge and a schoolboy ends it. Cole hypes up how they truly earned it – so then they beat up the faces and the fans chant “Delete”. The Hardys make a save.

A recap of Seth vs. Joe airs before Seth comes out to face Joe. Joe headbutts Seth to the back of the head and a slugfest happens between the two. Joe hits a big suplex for 2. Joe hits a legsweep on the apron for an ad break. Seth thankfully recovers well enough to hit several suicide dives, as ya do. A springboard lariat gets 2 for Seth. Joe’s snap powerslam gets 2. Joe’s running boot and senton combo gets 2. A falcon arrow gets 2 for Seth. Seth avoids a move from Joe by grabbing the buckle pad and getting 2 off a sunset flip. The rainmaker knee is countered by a toss into the exposed steel, hurting Seth. Joe tosses the pad away and he gets DQed for tossing Seth’s face into the steel. Joe chokes out Seth and Dean vs. Miz for the IC Title is announced for next week.

Cole says that tonight has been one of the most emotional Raws he can remember. Why? Neville cuts a promo with TJP on Facebook about beating Gallagher. Neville does commentary for TJP vs. Gallagher. Jack gets 2 off a small package. Cole talks about how Jack could be the best cruiserweight out of England. TJP goes for the detonation kick, but Jack goes for an O’Connor roll, but reverses it and uses the tights…a lot…to win. The TJP Clutch is locked on after the match Now why isn’t this a DQ? Aries in a knee brace attacks TJ.

Sasha comes out to face Alicia, and squashes her in a quick affair. Bray comes down to face Dean, and they have their usual match. Dean hits a suicide dive to the floor. Ambrose hits a nasty suplex off the apron to the floor for 2. Dean eats a uranage for 2, but brawls with Miz on the floor. Sister Abigail hits Dean mid-ring and Bray wins it. Miz gloats and ends the show standing over Dean before scowling on the ramp. All righty. That sure was a show.

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